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asthma and weather change?

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Isis has been with us for 3 months now and she is on 2 pred and 1/4 of a bronchodialator. She was doing fine but the last few days, she has been breathing a lot heavier after i give her meds.
I'm not sure if it's the stress and discomfort of having meds put down your throat or a combination stress/weather factors that make the asthma worse?

What i want to know if for those who have asthmatic cats, do you notice a change in them as the weather changes?
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My Wellington is asthmatic, and I sympathise with your problems. It is a scary condition. I found him when I lived in Sarajevo and he was very bad, but the city is very polluted. He started on 2 preds per day, no dilator as there was no such thing in Bosnia, but the vet and I worked together and by the time I left he was down to half a tablet, which was keeping him stable with the occasional cough. Since moving to France, where the air is better, he is now on a quarter tablet every other day, a vast improvement. I notice that he has been better this winter, though whether that is a result of moving in July or the weather, I am not sure. He is better when it is a little humid as opposed to very dry and cold. He does wheeze sometimes, and his breathing when asleep can be noisy, but he is not having the frightening attacks he used to have. I am waiting to see if the spring and the pollen in summer, makes him worse again. In what kind of weather is Isis worse? I will try and monitor Wellington and see if it is the same.
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I'm not sure, i've only had her for 3 months. We found her outside. My daughter has been sick and I missed one day on her meds but i thought she would be ok but I could tell the next day that she needed her medecine.
My house has been more dusty lately too because everyone has been sick so my dusting has gone down.
I'm not sure if it's the weather or the lack of me dusting or just her being more stressed lately for some reason.
I'm learning about asthma in cats and like allergies i was curious if the weather affected them.
I think she is going to be on her meds a long time. When I go see the vet next we're going to talk more. I want to know if she has other cats that are on these meds long term and the problem they have or don't have. Isis is 7..well they think she is about 7 so she is older already. She is just the sweetest cat and I can't imagine our house without her.
The weather has been cold here but I don't know if there are spores in the air..there shouldnt' be since there has been a good freeze but this is oklahoma aad you never know what's in the air.
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I don't know if this helps, but thought I'd chime in just in case... weather does affect humans with asthma so it might be the same for cats. Cold weather is a trigger for my asthma, especially combined with exercise in the cold weather.

Isis might be breathing more heavily for a short time after the meds just to be taking big breaths and catch up on oxygen. I hope she's O.K.
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Yes the weather is a huge factor. I know Molly has seasonal asthma and it get worst during the winter months. I truely think it is from the dry air since we don't open windows when it is in the single digits.
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See I know nothing about asthma and i didn't think the cold would affect her and it has been really cold here. NOt in the single digits but cold none the less. Today is warmer so I'm aring out the appartment and got a lot of dusting done yesterday. I hate doing it when she's in the room so i put her in my room while i'm doing it.
That made me feel a little better. She isn't breathing hard around the clock either or i would have taken her to the vet but if she plays, she tires even faster than before and the meds always stress her.
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