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Our not so little Amber

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I feel bad because she is such a quiet contented cat I overlook her, she will only give me attention in the evenings when she will roll over and let me rub her tummy, and she will rub her nose up against my face a few times, any other time of the day she will almost ignore me completely, the wife gives her plenty of attention though. Mind you if you could see the three of us on an evening, we are usually just sat watching Milo running around like a mad hatter and doing his pencil fetching
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Such a sweet, contented cat.
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She's such a little cutie!
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She's got a such a precious face. And I love her little black nose.
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Sshhhh everybody! Sleepy kitty.....
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o my what a cutie, that is just too precious
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Awwwwwwww isn't she gorgeous!!
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she's a cute kitty, princess is like that after we got her fixed she became a different cat it seems! she doesnt pay much attention to daddy, but when I am home (alone) she is all over me but when we are both home she ignores us unless she really really wants something, lol but i still give her attention, and sometimes shes like "mom, leave me alone" lol, its like having a teenager in the house
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What a sweetheart! Tabbies are the best!
... The post on DH in mind, I have to laugh at "the wife."
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Aww look at that face! So sweet and contented. Great shot.
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aww.......... that is such a precious photo

you´re just gonna have to get some more ... especially 'pencil hunting'
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