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Hello from Melbourne

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G'day everyone!

Just a quick note to let you all know I'm still alive and kicking!! Well, Dad's cancer isn't as bad as the doctors first thought, just two spots on his lungs. He was getting a routine check-up before an operation on his dicky knee and they saw them on the x-ray. So they've got it very early and he should be ok. I'll still be over here for a few weeks but will be able to be around TCS a lot more, hopefully.

I gave the four furbabies to a friend who has fostered kittens before but the two little girls didn't survive the upheaval. I'm told the boys, though, are getting bigger and bigger by the day and their eyes are just beginning to open at the corners today.

Now, let me do some catching up - I need to see what my mates have been up to!!
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Yey! Nice to see you Kumbulu!!! Glad to hear its not as bad as they thought! Sorry to hear about the little girls, thats a shame, but it couldn't be helped, hoorah that the boys are doing so well!!

Take care and keep us updated!!
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It's so hard to hear the word "cancer" and I think everyone just automatically imagines the worst possible scenario. I'm glad it is managable, and very small.

I'm sorry to hear about the two girls. From what I understand, raising newborn kittens is very, very difficult. Good to hear the boys are doing so well, though. You must have been a very good kitty mum for the time you had them!
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Hey! look whose talking now! LOL!
I was wondering where that troulbe maker Kumbulu was! Just kidding!
Glad to hear that the cancer isn't to bad.
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Tania, I am so glad to hear your dad will be okay!!!!!!! I just got done asking about him in another thread, and I am thrilled to hear this!!!!! I am sorry about the little girl kitties, but it sounds like the boys are doing well!
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