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Anybody else have this problem?

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Or is it just me? I know I live in the UK, but I have an 8meg broadband connection and the pages on this site take ages to load up whatever time of day it is. If I look at posts and then want to go back a page it is quicker for me to actually refresh and go back to the main page. This is the only site I get problems with. Maybe there is a load of hair balls stuck in the wires somewhere Or maybe its just a busy site.
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Nope, I have no problems. I have ultra lite high speed which is the slowest one, and my pages still load pretty much instantaneously.
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I have high speed internet...with a lil black box & a yellow wire. Things go fast....esp. since I had dial-up until a month ago....
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Have you cleaned out your cookies and internet files?
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Or done a spyware scan? One time my computer was running awful, and it was full of spyware. Once I did a scan it was zippy as per normal.
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Yep Yep Yep to all of those, im pretty clued up with computers I spent 5 years building them and upgrading them. I think its just one of those things in life you gotta put up with, like I said im in the UK, and I suppose it depends how many servers I have to go through before it reaches the main site.Oh well not to worry.
cheers guys
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I've got broadband and sometimes the pages take aaages to load.
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I have problems sometimes - just occasionally it times out before the page downloads. Mind you we do download all our TV from the internet so any webpages we download are competing with those
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I get the same problem occasionally as do many other members, there is a thread about it here
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I have that problem sometimes but I always just blame it on wireless internet Living out in the country having wireless internet doesn't work so well.
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At least im not alone then Oh well I suppose there are more pressing issues in the world than having to wait a couple of extra seconds
Its like I have always said.

Computers are not clever.
They just think they are.
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