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Hair Pulling

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Not sure where to put this~so I'll try here.

I got Paisley 2 weeks ago from a shelter in NY. She was an owner surrender~they were moving. She's a 4 paw declaw and recently had a litter and has been spayed. She was in the shelter for 10 days(it would have been her last) (just some background info for you)She was petrified when I got her. She is 2 1/2 and on her vet info that I got with her, it said she had hair loss on her legs, but all tests were negative for skin conditions.

Well, she is definately pulling her hair out. And it's gotten worse. How can I help her?????
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There are several reasons that cats pull out their fur. Sometimes it is a
behavioral thing but a lot of time it is due to health problems such as fleas and or flea allergies,
mange, ringworm (a fungal infection), allergies,
and bacterial infections.
You really sould have YOUR own vet check her out for any health issues causing this problem. Use a good flea medication to make sure she has no fleas. Advanrage or Frontline I find are best for flea control.
If your vet rules out any health issues then its a behaviorial problem. There are a few
medications that help many cats with this type of problem and sometimes
its just stress related and in time as your cat adjusts to having a forever home this problem will stop on its own. Being declawed can cause alot of stress related behavior problems also.
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In addition to all of the things above, it could also be a food allergy. I have a fur puller. It's a combo of stress and allergies for her.

If it is stress, a feliway diffuser could help

Welcome to TCS from another Mass. resisent!
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