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I got sucked in!! Finally!!

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I'm finally officially a "member" per say of our local foster agency and I am thrilled!! I've been helping them as a foster home here and there, but all along the way I've been asking them if there was more I could do to help out, but wasn't getting very far. Not because they didn't need the help or anything, but I just think it's because they are so busy they really haven't had time to stop and say "HEY! We've got someone looking to help out here". These poor people have their hands full!
So finally today I spent a few hours at the local adoption clinic they run and now I am the official photographer for the foster agency!! That and I'm also now on the committee to help raise money for the local shelter we're trying to build. Our town doesn't have a shelter - we've just got this one wonderful couple (certified with the state) who runs a shelter out of her house for the entire city. A HUGE job! And the next town over only has a teeny shelter about the size of someones garage (maximum capacity 21 animals!!). So both towns have started working together to build a nice big shelter we can both use and the woman in my town running the home shelter started the whole ball rolling. She's awesome!!! She has now formed a committee and I'm on it! We're doing all kinds of things - house to house information, selling candy bars, spaghetti dinners, etc. There's tons of events and I'm thrilled to finally be fully involved!!!

So today I spent a few hours taking pictures of some beautiful kitties up for adoption and I go Wednesday to her home to take tons more!
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Good deal Lisa!
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Can we see some of the pics Lisa?
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That is fantastic news!!!
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Congratulations Lisa, you will do a fantastic job.

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Lisa, that is wonderful!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Can we see some of the pics Lisa?
Ooohhhh....pics? I can do that!!! Yeah!
Hold on please. Gotta upload to photo bucket.
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Ok - here's some pics! Our adoption clinics are small because it's only this one woman in our town, but she has showings at her house as well.
I was amazed that between our towns we've got a population of about 50K - 55K people and we can hold a total of less than 75 animals. Both are obviously no-kill shelters so what happens is we can only take in the 75 between the town and the others are just left to fend for themselves because we simply have no room. It's very sad. Hopefully we will raise the money needed for this shelter.

Anyways, back to the pics. (Keep in mind - I'm the official photographer for the foster agency, but I am by no means a "professional". These are the best I could get, but hopefully they'll be good enough to help get them adopted out.)
None of these cats have names. so I am open for suggestions!!
First up is a little tabby girl. We are unsure of her age, but she appears to be quite young. She's got the cutest little pink nose:

Next is a little black and white male, again not sure of the age, but young and tiny. Probably < 1year.

Next up, a little orange and white male, again probably less than a year old, extremely affectionate!!! Also his coloring is not tabby, but almost appears to be marbled. It's beautiful!

To be continued........
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This kitty actually has a name (kinda). He's about 4 years old and his name is Kitty Cat so we shortened that to K.C. He is also very affectionate. Such a love bug:

This was a little gray and white fella that came in. Unsure of his age, but he has the most striking green eyes! I tried to capture them in the photo, but the pics don't do his eyes justice. They're gorgeous:

This last one is probably about a year old as well and he is a cutie! He seems to have a tabby face, but his body coloring is marbled as well, almost like a bengel. It's very different.

Name suggestions welcome!!!
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Have a good time with the shelter!!
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