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curtain climbing, couch scratching

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ok our cats have two behaviors we would like to stop/redirect. One is they scratch the furniture, Water squirts don't work because they figured out only to stop when somebody has the water and not when they don't. They only run off if I get up and charge them or shake the water bottle. Second is curtain climbing Neko does not do it much but Willie does, Have no idea what to do about that. Thanks for any help!
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first off , how old are your kittens?
one of my kittens are 9 months and will still curtain climb but not as often as he used to. make sure they have places high like a cat climbing tree (if you have the space of course) but they come in different sizes , dont do what i did though and put it next to the curtains as it made them worse lol.
the scratching on chairs and stuff there is a spray thing you can buy , not sure if it works as mine do the walls more then anything. and also have you go scratch posts? if they perfer the chairs to scratch posts try putting some cat nip on the cat posts and when they scratch the chairs try and redirect them to where they should be scratching.
maybe someone else will have some other ideas for you .
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When we first adopted Neely she scratched everything in sight. A friend told me about Sticky Paws and it worked great. It's kind of like double sided tape but clear. I got the kind that comes on a roll so you can cut it to whatever size you want. You might want to try it out, good luck!
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Originally Posted by Neely View Post
A friend told me about Sticky Paws and it worked great. It's kind of like double sided tape but clear.
This stuff really works. You will find that when you put it on the spots they scratch, they will go to a different spot. Just keep covering where they scratch. It does need to be replaced every once in a while. I don't know whate to tell you about the curtains except can you pin the up so they can't reach them?
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I pinned up the curtains when Singa was young. Now she is not in the age anymore (1.5 yrs). Maybe she is just too fat and would tear down the curtain

Soleil (6-7 wks) is just starting with the curtain climbing so I decided to try it with hissing. It worked till now. But there is still a long way to go till she is out of her 'foolish' age.

As fos scratching, try Feliway, it helped when Singa tried scratching my expensive couch
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they do have a cat tree, but I wish it was taller so they could climb more before they reach the main platform, but my dad is building it and says if he builds it too tall it will fall over. I've told my mom about using double sided tape but she has a point that since the cats scratch the top of the arms of the chair when somebody sis in it their arms will stick. If it was my house I'd do it but it is my parents'. We also have scratching posts but none in that room, so I'm gonna get one to put in the living room. I really wish they made one out of couch material as they like that a lot better than carpet or rope. Neko will scratch the cardboard one, but so far I have found no material that Willie likes, oh and Willie is 6 months so that is why he is so naughty . Neko loves catnip but so far Willie does not care, I have been using an old bag that came with one of their scratching posts, does catnip ever go bad? thanks for all your help!
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mabye buy a small cat post nad buy some metrial simillar to the sofas . and glue it around the cat post? might be worth a try.
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