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Kitty hates me!

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Ok, so what gives. This morning I was walking from one room to the next and my cat decided to not like me. He wasn't growling but that crazy meow, like a scream, and hissing. I left for about 5 hours to take care fo a few things, come back ask my boyfriend how the cat is and he said fine, he ate some cereal and the kitty was right there next to him. So I came into the house, went into the restroom, came back out the cat was on the bed, meow, like to say hello, i reached my hand out and he got scared and hissed and did that crazy meow at me again. Like he's afarid of me. What the heck happened? I'm around him more not my boyfriend. He usually come to mebut he is not liking me and I hate that. He's my baby boy. Ugh, help or input would be nice.

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I doubt he hates you. How old is he, is he spayed? Karma acts like that all the time with me. She really prefers to cuddle and be with me more but at the same time she sometimes freaks on me. It seems like she is pushing he boundary, triing to become more independent.
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He's 2 and yes he's spayed. I have no idea why he's acting this way, unless I hurt him somehow this morning. I kicked one of his mousees maybe I kicked him by mistake too and didn't really know it. Who knows, but I'm hoping it'll go away by later today.
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Since the behavior seems to have come out of nowhere, if it persists, you might want to consider a vet visit. A drastic change in behavior can indicate a health problem.
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Silly question, but is there anything you've recently changed that could scare your cat? As in, have you started wearing a different scent, got a new outfit that you were wearing that might freak him out, etc?? It's hard to tell what's going on in that little cat-brain, and something insignificant to us might totally scare him. It just seems strange that he's freaked out by you only, and normal with your boyfriend.

Otherwise, I would definitely say a quick trip to the vet might be a good idea to make sure there's nothing wrong with him.
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Ok this is what I'm talking about. I just came home and he came out and greeted me, tail up. I ignored him, went into the kitchen to wash my hands, he rubbed his head on my feet and I said "Hi" and he looked up at me and hissed and then went under the table and continued that behavior. So I ignored him and then went and sat down on the couch and he ran into the bedroom I'm sure to hide. That's what he's been doing all day, he sees me, meows his normal meow and then i say something to him and he hisses. It's like he wants me to say something to him so that he can be mean to me. That little stinker.
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Could it be that he's trying to get you to play with him? The hissing seems to indicate otherwise, but who knows -- if play is pretend-fighting, maybe he's just getting really, really into character!

The only other thing I can think of... is it possible that someone else has been nasty to him in some way? Have any workmen, perhaps, come into the place recently?
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Originally Posted by Pekoe & Nigel View Post
... got a new outfit that you were wearing that might freak him out, etc??
That has happened to me with Singa 2 weeks back. I got new PJs in a certain print that made her go crazy. Hissing, putting up her hair and running away and hiding. I swear it's not THAT ugly
But yeah.. she got used to it.

I really would go through anything you may have changed. Soap, lotion, perfume, etc... and maybe really just take him to the vet. Just to be sure...
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How much time do you spend with him, palying, cuddleing, just being together? recently Karma has been attacking me when ever I get on the computer. The only time she doesn't is if I have spent a good hour with her first. Like right now, I just got home from work, I said Hi to her and coudled her. But she just tried to bite my foot. So I have to go play with her befor it gets worse.
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He gets a ton of my attention. My boyfriend travels a lot so the cat and I are together a lot. I really don't think it's attention, when he hisses and gets scared, he runs away from me. It's really when I talk to him he doesn't like it. If I don't talk to him, it's fine, so maybe his ears hurt. He has an appointment tomorrow for toenail clipping and a check up on thurs. I was getting his ears checked anyway so maybe she'll find something else. I feel really bad for him because he just can't tell me. Thanks for all the help.
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