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cat adopted me

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A cat I was feeding while neighbors were away for the summer has decided to live with me. He is precious. I was just wondering does anyone know why he would not want to return to his original home? There are 3 other cats there as well and he has decided to move in with me. He goes back across the street to visit but always returns here. This seems to be his new home. Just curious....any insight??
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The reason may be that you're a continual/reliable food source. 4 may adopt you before it's over.
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Also, maybe that cat likes leaving the others behind. Perhaps it doesn't like at least one of the others?
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I think that kitty must love you more than his 'other' family!
You are a lucky person!!
And before I forget it - WELCOME TO TCS!!!
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I am sure that's what my male Orange Tabby does. He would come home eat, then leave for a couple of days. Strange. I think Tiggy has two homes and he loves us very much!!

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I had Fred's brother for 7 years, and he decided he didn't want to live with us any more. He moved in with the little old lady down the street, and as far as I know, he is still there. She was so happy to have him, I just couldn't take him from her. As long as he got a good home, it was ok with me, but I did miss him.
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