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Ewww - We're Under a Boil Water Advisory!

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Came home from work yesterday and found very little water pressure in the taps. I asked DH what was going on and he said he didn't know - it had been like that most of the afternoon. Anyway, I got ready to go out with friends and he went to work, came home, did the usual stuff (ie wash, have a bath, brush my teeth) and went to bed.

When I got up this morning, he asked me if I could get a couple of big bottles of water for the water cooler. I said - don't we have any (they're really heavy and I have a hard time lifting them). Anyway, he had come home from work at 7 this morning, and found a boil water advisory in the mailbox. I guess we had a major water main break because of the extreme cold, and they put the advisory out. Well, guess what! It went into effect at 9pm last night! And I had just brushed my teeth again and washed before he told me! Yuck!
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Blech! I'm sure you'll be OK, but doesn't it gross you out not trusting the tap water?
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Yes - you don't realize how much you take it for granted until you can't use it! Yeech! Can't have baths (only showers), have to boil everything for one full minute at a rolling boil for everything, including hand washing! Luckily I have some hand sanitizer here - I'll be getting more today! Plus I have to get a couple of more giant bottles of water, if I can find it! We had one last year and there wasn't bottled water to be found! Dishes are going to be fun - I think we'll get takeout for supper!
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Yikes!That stinks- are ya'll still under a boil advisory?
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Colleen, aren't you in Kingston? Thats a normal sized city...howcome you are under this advisory?
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oh heck, thats a real bummer, I cant sympathise with you, living in Spain we have major issues all the time with water. Mostly they cut the pressure or in the busy summer season, they just cut the water altogether Its actually amazing when you have to be 'creative' to save water what you can actually do.

Hope you are back on soon
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EEP! Hope they get the water situation righted soon. What a pain.
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Well, i guess it is a matter of being safe than having an outbreak of something. I know it is a MAJOR inconvience, but at least you will have your health. If you live in Ontario, remember walkerton???? That is where this is stemming from. Hope it gets lifted soon though.
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