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It just keeps getting worse.

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I went to see my parents today. When I got up there I always look forward to seeing my cat Milly, who I have had since the 8th grade. My mom told me that he has been gone since Tuesday. She said that she didn't have the heart to tell me last week because of all the stress that I have gone through with Fred, my guinea pig. My parents live out in the country on a farm and Milly has always gone in and out when he wants. It is not like him to take off. He has always stayed around the house. I spent 3 hours today walking the farm and yelling for him. He was about 11 years old. I have this feeling that he won't be back. I am having a really hard time with this. Milly was there for me through the hardest times. He was my best friend. I tried bringing him to my home, but he hated it because he couldn't go outside, so back to my parents he went, that is where he was happy. I think that It would be easier for me if I knew he was ok or not. I can not bare the thought of him out there needing help. Could everyone please keep him in your thoughts.

My guinea pig Fred is doing great by the way. At least some good news.
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Oh Nicki, this has been a horribly rough week for you. I'm sorry to hear that Milly has gone missing, and I hope and pray that he will just wander back into your parents' house wondering what all the fuss was about.

I'm glad Fred is doing better, though. You're right, at least some bit of good news.
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So sorry to hear this Nicki.... I hope your little Milly will return safely soon!! You'll be in my prayers!!

Good to hear your little piggy is doing better though!! Gotta love those piggy "weebles"!! (any pics of the piggy??)
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Nicki, I'm thinking of you and sending 'come home Milly' vibes all the way from Australia. I hope he's okay.

Good news about Fred, though!
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Sending you good kitty thoughts from Iowa. I hope everything turns out for the best.
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Nicki - I will pray for you lost little one.
May he come home soon!!
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I will be thinking of sweet Milly !!!!
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No news just wanting to thank everyone.

I am trying to get a hold of the animal shelter where my parents live to see if Milly may be there, they don't seem to be answering the phones. It is worth a shot. I have talked to all the neighbors around my parents house. There is only 3, but they haven't seen Milly.

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I just got off the phone with the animal shelter. All the lady could tell me was that they get cats in all the time and I would have to come and look.

Do they not keep records on the animals that have been brought in during the last week?

I live about 65 miles away and they are only open from 1-4 Monday, Tuesday and Friday. There is no way for my parents to get there because they both work out of town during those hours.

The lady I talked to had to have been the rudest lady ever.

I hope she is there when I make my trip up there this week.
She will be getting a big piece of my mind.

Sorry to grip, but this just lit my fire.
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Nicki, I'm so sorry that Milly is missing. Do you have a friend who could check at the shelter? I am hoping no one will adopt her. Do you have pictures that someone could run off on a copy machine and post for you? I would offer a reward in the paper also. You don't have to name an amount. Also, ask your parents to speak to the neighborhood children and tell them about the reward. I will say a prayer that Milly will come home soon. Bless your heart; I know how it feels to worry that much.
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Nicki, I don't blame you for being upset. There is absolutely no excuse for the poor way you were treated, and you may want to let the shelter director know about it.

P.S. I hope Milly is ok and you find her soon!
Good luck!
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I don't know how I missed this, but I'm chiming in to say that's terrible! That is not right. Maybe the lady was just having a bad day, but that's really no excuse.

I'm so sorry Milly's missing. With indoor/outdoor kitties, the worst of it is not knowing.

My heart reaches out to you, and I will keep you and Milly in my prayers.


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No luck at the shelter. My mom took off this afternoon to go see. It has been over a week since he has been missing. I hate just not knowing. I have this little bit of hope in me, but in the back of mind I think that he is gone. But you never know.

When I was a little, my parents took in a cat that alway hung around the house. He would come and go. My parents caught him and took him to the vet to get his shots and get him nuetered. He still took off when he pleased. One time he took off and we looked for him for 2 weeks and nothing. About three months later, the people I babysat for, who lived about a half a mile away called and told me that they thought they saw my cat.

I went there and started calling for him. I heard him start meowing and he ran right up to me. I took him home and tried to keep him inside but he ate through the screen in the kitchen and off again he went. We never saw him again.

Right after that my little sister brought home this little kitten she found by the library to help ease the loss. That little kitten was Milly.
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That was such a special story, and very well told. No wonder Milly is so special to you! She eased your pain after you lost the cat with wanderlust. I know she's very dear to you. Someone might be feeding her. Please try to get someone to put up flyers with pictures. I am saying a prayer that she will return safe and sound.
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Oh I am so sorry to hear about Milly!!!!! I will say a prayer for him to come home!!! Please keep us posted, my thoughts are with you!!!!
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