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Macy scared me to death last night

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I was sitting in my room on the telephone and my dad said Macy had messed up now so I hung up the phone didn't even say why and ran in there, she had a little bit of drainage the day before from where her stitches had been at. Well my dad tells me her insides are coming out. And so I called the vet and told them to wait on us and why and didn't even give him time to tell me it might just have been something else. Well we get Macy to the car and dad says well I hope it wasn't her nipple I saw because it looks drawn up. We drive 70 miles an hour the whole way even on bad curves. Dad never goes over 60 even on the parkway. Well we get to the vets office and they usher us on back. And dad holds Macy up with her chewing on his fingers because she doesn't like the vet messing with her. Well he says its just a bit of blood where she has been licking the area. And that its healed up all the way. I felt so embarrased and when I am nervous I grin so I know they thought I was silly or something. Dad said he guessed something had stuck to her and that's why it looked like that. And the vet said he had never seen that happen after the two week time period because if it did she would have to chew through muscle. But he was glad we would go through such lengths for our dog. And little Miss Macy thought it was all a big game she got to go riding and didn't even have to get a shot.
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I understand! I made a trip to the emergency vet at midnight one time (many years ago) for a turtle I thought had a rectal prolape (embarrasing enough), and it turned out he was just hitting puberty . If one could actually die of embarrasment...

And I've taken a kitten to the vet on a Sunday afternoon, and the vet had to leave the lake to come see her, for what I thought was a reoccurance of her last high fever that she had to have fluids, etc., for, and she was actually panting, acting funny and wanting held because she was coming in heat! I could tell my vet couldn't decide whether to laugh or kill me (Fortunately, we had known each other a long time).
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Aw - I'm glad Macy is OK!
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It's great that you care so much for your pet! I'm glad Macy is doing ok. She must've enjoyed all the excitement I'm sure.
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