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Our Don Sphynx male :D

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Hopefully going to get him at his breeder very soon

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Wooo -a solid blue or is he a black - not too good with Sphynx colors!!!!

I'm so happy for you!
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Actually black hard to see on hairless cats though
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What are some of the differences (basically) in the Don Sphynx and the normal Sphynx?
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Well, a good Don Sphynx is rubber naked, different earset, a bit muscular then the Sphynx which is supposed to be "cobby".

The Don itself is from Russia, another difference .

The following picture gives a bit of an idea what the differences are. The features are exaggerated, but it I've found it helpfull
From left to right you have the Peterbald, Don Sphyxn and Sphynx
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Wow... I am in love! What a sweetie.

Is he a talker?
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From the picture drawings it looks like the first is more "siamese" type, the second - "cornish" type and the last "devon" type. Is that about right?
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The peterbald is basicly a OSH/SIA and Don mix so you're spot on regarding that one.

The Don is heavier in the build then a cornish, I'd think more like a naked Russian Blue or similar.

the Sphynx itself has been outcrossed with Devon's so that's also pretty much spot on there too a bit less stop though

About the idea have yet to go get him in Hannover in germany
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He's adorable, love the pic of him on the Tiger What exactly do they feel like to touch?
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Warm and nice to the touch the Don, not even having a fine coat of peachy fuzz feel a bit more like skin then the Sphynx
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Aww He is adorable, I love the first ones...What a doll
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I am in love!! I so badly want can send him to my house if you would like!!!
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Sphynx's always have so much expression on their faces! probably because there is no fur to cover it up! I really like the third picture down, so adorable
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I love the one on the tiger. Gorgeous photos. He has such a character filled face.
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Bless his sweet wrinkly skin - he is a stunner - absolutely beautiful!!!
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This may be a really stupid question, but my sister said that with sphynx cats, you have to put sunblock on them because they can get sunburned. Is that true, or completely ridiculous? I thought that sounded a little odd, so that's why I'm asking.
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Oh and he's absolutely lovely, btw.
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ah, ok, thank goodness for wikipedia. You should never let sphynx cats outside because they can develop heatstroke and sunburn. I knew that.
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Very true about the sunblock. Our blue tortie female once escaped out on the roof one morning when we were sleeping a tan and turned dark yeah.. they do need sunblock
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Wow! What a stunning little guy! I must add- i LOVE the bowtie Very cute!
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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
Hopefully going to get him at his breeder very soon

I love this picture!
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