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Puppy is Missing

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Braylin is very small, as she is a shitzu puppy. Well I wake up this morning and my grandmother tells me the puppy is upstairs, so I go up to find her and I can't. My grandmother comes over and asks if I'd seen the puppy and I said no. Now we've been on a full search of the house and no puppy. We looked outside, but no puppy. We don't have a fenced in yard so if she went outside (not sure how she'd do that, she's afraid of stairs) she is long gone. (There are people in the neighborhood who would steal a puppy off the side of the road)

If she did get outside, someone may have picked her up, thinking she was just a lost puppy. Now I'm scared that person will try and keep her. I'm so worried and so mad at my grandparents. They were not watching the puppy. When I'm with that puppy at my mother's, that puppy stays with me and doesn't leave my sight.
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Oh no...I'm so sorry! I hope that you find Braylin soon.
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awe I know how u are feeling I am sending good vibes ur way and hope that u guys find Braylin soon
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Little fluffball was in the tv stand. We are so relieved.
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Oh goodness! I'm glad she was safe!
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Glad you found her and glad it didn't take too long.
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Oh thank god you found her! Maybe put a bell & collar on her?
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Oh bless the little thing - after you all panicking like that as well!!! So glad she is safe though!!
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thank goodness u found her, I am so excited and I am so glad that she is safe and u need not to worry anymore so happy everyhting turned out great
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