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They kept me awake.....

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Well I write this with bleary eyes..... my little 'darlings' were on top form last night and kept me awake a lot of it. Charlie 1st came to bed and woke me up to demand cuddles... so I cuddle. Happy Charlie goes to sleep. 1 hour later Charlie wakes me up again, very insistant that I follow him. I know he needs to pee, we've been doing this routine a few nights now so I take him to kitchen and put him in his tray (it's too early to let him out). Back to bed. Ali is now awake and intent on mischief. She jumps on a table in my bedroom and knocks off photos and ornaments. I get up, replace them and tell her off.... is she repentant? NO!! She does it again!!! The minx... so I left the stuff on the floor to stop her doing it again. 5.55am Charlie wakes me again... it's getting lightish out so DH gets up and lets him out.

So between then they woke me 5 times.... thanks goodness the rest of my babies slept all night. And now Ali and Charlie will sleep all day and I have to walk round sleep deprived.... hmmmm.
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dont worry i am sleep deprived every day stormie wanted to go play and well jasmine our lab just kept barking at my moms door this morning as i was trying to go to bed, and well she wouldnt stop and I cant let her in their room so i just let tessa and blue out of their room so jasmine is following the kitties around so its almost 8 am and I havent been to sleep yet, and yet i was ready for bed 3 hours ago this has been an everyday thing except for jasmine barking because my dad lets her in their room when he goes to work and also lets blue and tessa out of their room and well thats when stormie wants to play (thanx dad) I am soo sleep deprived so hopefully some one gets up soon but then they are off to shopping and my moms gotta go to work so i will be back at square one !
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You may be sleep deprived - but it's for good cause! You gotta love those little furrbutts!
Mine are very good I have to say. They sleep pretty much all night long. All 5 of them. Problem is all 5 sleep with me everynight. That's where my deprivation comes from. Every muscle in my body hurts every morning from contorting myself. It's a game to them every night I think - lets see what kind of pretzel we can turn her into tonite!

Here's some Pics: (Pam - this first one's for you!!! )
Right before bed one night:

Can't remember if this was right before bed, or the middle of the night, but I"ve posted it before.

This was in the middle of the night, there are 4 here and they basically cacooned me. I couldn't even roll over.

By the way - there's only 4 in each of these pictures because these were taken before we got Chance. Now that we have him, he's a burrower and this is what he does in the middle of the night (That lump is him ):

and this is my favorite. Everytime I get up to go to the bathroom I come back to find this:
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lisasha, that last one is priceless. . Well I worked nights last night, first time my little furbabies were alone for the night. I came home half expecting to find my place in a bit of upheavel, but there was none, so I gave each of them a hug and a kiss. Now the trick is to have them sleep when I do, as I work till tues morning on nights. Should be an interesting experiment to say the least. These 2 though, do like to be in the tub when I am in there using the facilities. Sheesh, I do not bother them, lol.
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I'm glad I'm not the only person who has been turned into a pretzel by their babies!!! Sometimes I wake in the night with no covers... they hog them... and if I move I am grunted or meowed at. I seem to recall buying them their own beds and me and DH ours ... but some where along the line wires got crossed and now they own everything!

I have told them that if we have a repeat of last night they will be shut out of the bedroom.... a fate worse than death!
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