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Happy Birthday Laurie! May the next year be peaceful and blessed.
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Happy Birthday Laurie!!
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Happy Birthday!!
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OK! We're done cooking (a little late - as usual). The car is packed, and we're off! Cross your fingers that we don't end up with stew splattered all over the trunk of the car (knock wood)!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful wishes! I just KNOW this is going to be a great year! It's already been a wonderful day.

OH! We haven't had money for presents the past few years (though last year? or the year before? Gary got his ring finger tattooed with my name on it for my b-day ) - and this year really isn't an exception. BUT Gary got me something anyway.

He bought me two door stops - Tuxedo kitty cats! They are so darling! I'll take pics and post them later. One looks so much like Tuxie! It was so sweet and thoughtful.

I'm having a great day! See ya tomorrow!

to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday!!!
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sorry this is late , but happy birthday x and hope you had a great day x
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Almost missed it, but according to Edmonton time, I still have 4 hours to wish you a very very very Happy Birthday!!!
I hope you had a great evening
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I'm late to this thread, also, Laurie, but the wishes are just as big...


That truly does sound like a feast! I hope everything went splendidly and you've had a great day.
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It WAS a feast - and it went great! I think we all put on like 10 pounds each.

But I wanted to post a pic of the b-day present Gary bought me. He ordered them back in August and managed to not give them to me until my B-day! THAT was the hardest part for him!

Anyway - they're made of iron, they are SO heavy - but soooo cute!

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Splendid!! Just splendid!
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Oh my!! How CUTE are they!?
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Those are so precious and so thoughtful!
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(I can't believe I missed it! ) I hope you had a wonderful day!
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