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Sick cat

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We have 2 indoor male cats, but over the past 8 months I started feeding some outside stray cats.One was a female kitten, we named her Misty. She seemed very healthy and active, was very affectionate.Then 4 months ago we noticed her left eye had been hurt, it was a murky color.She was also limping.So we brought her inside until she got better.During the fist few weeks she would not drink water, I had to give it to her with a syringe.Fearing that she would die we took her to the vet, but they couldn't determine what was wrong with her, sent us home with an eyedropper and amoxidrops. We treated her with both.But only the amoxidrops seem to help. She started drinking water out of a bowl, but I'd have to hold the bowl in front of her.Now in the past week she growls and bites us when we try to pick her up.Often growls and her body jerks when she's lying by herself.She seem to have problems with bowel movements as well, her eye is no better, and she still limps.I was hoping by posting here someone might've have had a cat with the same symptons and have an idea of what we can do for her. Thanks.
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Did the vet test for Feline Leukemia and FIV? Did they deworm her?
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It sounds to me like she is in pain and another vet check is called for ASAP.
Sending healing vibes for {({({({({(kitty)})})})})}.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for your sick cat.

I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Keep us updated on him.
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If she's growling and biting you when you pick her up, it's likely because she's got some sort of stomach pain. If she's not pottying, that could account for the stomach pain. I think she's probably going to have to go back to the vet as well.

Sending lots of kitty hugs and good healing vibes your way. Let us know how she fares, the poor girl.
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