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I need advice again!

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It is still about Mixy. I've noticed that she gets a strong itch inside one of her ears. I do have a flea collar on her.
Is there something that goes into the ear to cure that itch?
She had this before her spay and still does.
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Take off the flea collar ... they are more likely to be ineffective and possibley harmful ....

has the vet seen her since the spay ??/ what did the vet think it could be ???

what is she eating ??? wet dry treats
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The vet probably didn't notice nor checked her ears. She eats dry and lately she has been eating canned food.
I will take the collar off.
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glad youll get the collar off ...

I would recommend having the vet look at her ears... could be something like ear mites or infection or something like an allergy to food
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I have removed the collars from all 3 of my cats. Is there a med that goes into the ears to relieve the itching?
I saw one for dogs today at the local store but none for cats.
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It could be either an ear infection or ear mites. I would NOT buy anything from a pet store to treat it. Your vet can do an ear cytology and determine what kind of infection it is or if its ear mites. The pet stores do not have the proper medications to treat whats going on with your baby. You can however, use a home made ear cleaner to try and clean them if you can not make it to your vets any time soon. If you have an appointment soon, I would not clean them because then the vet will not be able to tell what kind of infection or if your cat has mites. You can use a 50% white distilled vinegar, and 50% alchohol solution to clean the ears. You must make it fresh everytime you clean the ears! It goes bad within a couple of hours! Lastly, do not clean the ears more then once a day. It's normally best to clean them every other day otherwise, you can make them very sore from all the cleaning.
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I think the treatment depends on what the problem is. Ear mites are one remedy, and usually pretty quickly solved, but yeast is another, and a bit more of a pain.

As a side note re: the fleas.. the best thing I've found (albeit I haven't tried the other vet issued medicines), is Frontline. I know you can get Frontline online for a lot less money than you get at the vets, and it comes packaged and sealed, from a reputable agent. It's the best thing I've seen for fleas. The OTC liquid "spot-on" remedies, if I remember correctly especially Hartz, has been known to cause neurological problems in animals.
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Since I removed the collar, I haven't seen her scratch as much but I did see where she had a "bald spot" she she has scratched and it's a little red.
Could that be from scratching or could it be an infection?
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It could be from scratching. Is it only red, or is it getting pussy or runny..or showing any other signs of infection? Also, is it red immediately after you took the collar off or was it a day later.. ? If it's only a little red and you just took the collar off, I'd just keep an eye on it. If it starts to get worse instead of better..then take some sort of action.

I don't recall having heard of any cases where the collars caused death or neurological issues..so I'm thinking it's probably pretty safe to just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get worse. Anyone know for sure about this?

She may not be scratching her ears at all, depending on where the collar was at on her neck. She might have been scratching at the collar all along.

If your vet or vet's office is the friendly sort, I'd call them and ask them the opinion. If they're the type that will tell you to come in no matter what.. it's sort of pointless to call and ask their opinion.
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