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Funny work story

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When all of us got into work this morning we noticed a car stuck in a snowbank by where we all park.
At first we thought it was one of our co-workers, but shortly realised it wasn't his car.

Anyways, later that morning I saw a police officer in the office across the hall from where I was. I couldn't hear because the door was closed (glass door) and thought that someone had called the police about the car.

I found out later in the day a couple of guys had been doing donuts around our building around midnight and that the police officer wanted a copy of the tapes that we had on file.

I also have access to these tapes and so I logged into the video system. I was laughing so hard when I watched this.

You see the car pull up, pause and then takes off. The night monitor is only motion sensitive (very sensitive too...snow turns it on) so 30 minutes worth of this car doing donuts and each time the car passes it gets faster and faster, to the point you see the car start to skid as it turns corners.

Finally you see the car come around and SLAM! into the snowbank. Steam is just pouring out of the engine. The driver spends another minute or two trying to restart it but its dead.

So the driver and his buddy get out of the car and leave. that's the end right? Noooo....

10 minutes later there's another car that appears. It's about the size of my Honda Civic. They take a pull rope out of the back, tie it to something on the back of the car and spend ANOTHER 20 minutes trying pull the stranded car from the snowbank.

At one point the driver of the pulling car presses the gas pedel and you see the rope break away from the stranded car right away and the driver having to manuver the car because it was headed straight for the building.

I wish I could show it to you guys.
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Isn't great that the idiots provide us so much entertainment? Too bad we can't see it.
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sounds fun... err, not that i ever did that after a snow storm in someone;s parking lot.
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people these days at least u got some entertainment I do wish we could see it
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Such behaviour is incredibly dangerous- perhaps by writing off their car they may have learned their lesson

I did laugh though
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I would like to see that. Were you able to get the tag numbers?
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Nope, the video quality isn't good enough for tag numbers. Even the police officer made a reference to that...he can't prosicute because he couldn't see the driver or passengers face really well.
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Ha ha ha! I know I shouldn't laugh at other's expense, but it is funny!! Thanks for sharing!
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Thats hilarious!! I would love to see that!!
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