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changing with new kitten

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well I had my first cat Neko for two years before we decided to get Willie, that as four months ago. Since we got the new kitty Neko has acted different. At first he was very nervous and if you went to pet him while Willie was around he would bite you. He stopped that but it seems since we got him, he has grown up and stopped all his playful/cuddly kitten like behavior. He does not have his moments where he will fling him self on the floor and roll around purring or begging for attention he would always do that when I entered "his" room, but now since the kitten is always following him he has stopped doing it. He also REFUSES to play in the presence of Willie, even when you get him to play Willie will show up and Neko will stop. he has gotten a little more normal than he was in the beginning, he finally will come cuddle on our laps again but the thing that bothers me the most is he will not play. If Willie is not around when I go into Neko's room he will be cuddly like he used to be, but not in front of Willie. when I do cuddle Neko or Neko lays on his back with Willie around Willie will often jump on him and hold his throat, which then makes Neko get up and run to his room, while Willie chases him and jumps on his back. Is it typical for the resident cat's pesonality to change with the arrival of a new kitten? Should I just start locking Willie in another room while I play and spend quality time with Neko. They do get along fine (play and sleep together no problem) I just wish it did not have such a big impact on Neko, he used to be my Velcro kitty who always jumped on my lap when I sat down, he still follows me in to every room I go but now Willie is on my lap and Neko lays on the floor I just would like my old Neko back.
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Your cat sounds a little depressed, try to show extra attention to him, especially if your playing with him and the kitten enters the room. Pick him up and tell him how much you love him!
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See if you can play with him alone (putting the new cat in another room) for a while. We have a female cat who stops when the males come around because she knows they'll give her a hard time as she's in the territory they've claimed as their own (living room floor) when she's napping. But she also needs to play and feel the house is hers, so we just make sure they're not around when she wants to play (toys all over!) and she's happy.
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How long have you had the new cat in the house. I'm sure in time they will return to normal selfs. Took Ling several weeks to adjust fully to Charlie.
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We have had the kitten for about 4 months already. They are fine with each other, they play groom and sleep together but Neko's personality has changed. I played with Neko while my brother played with Willie in another room and it worked great, at first he would not play with the cat teaser thing so I got out his fetch ball and we played until he layed down and then he took a long nap.
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