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Need to go hooooome

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It's 4:30pm and I had to be in at work early today for a 7:30am meeting with a dude who's in Germany and I'm now exhausted. I have a tired headache, and we have to go home and pack for New York (we're flying out tonight), but I have soooo much to do at work still and don't have the motivation to do it.

Anyone else having a bleuch Friday afternoon?
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its actually sat morning here now , 12.51 am. but it was a good day today lol, i hope the flight goes well
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I'll bet you have lots of fun in New York! Safe trip.
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Phew - the red eye from San Jose to NY is TIRING!!!! We were well and truly exhausted by Saturday evening! We had a fun weekend though, and survived the 6 1/2 hour flight home again, and will unpack very soon and get to bed.

NY was soooo much colder than I expected! I was very glad I invested in a down jacket and gore-tex boots!!!!!

The kitties seem to have behaved themselves while we were gone. We had 2 lots of people checking in on them and playing with them, and we also got them 2 foil helium balloons which we tied 2 mousies to which they're still playing with, so that kept them plenty occupied! Little Smudge was so pleased to see us (after she finished scoffing her face that is). She was wrapping herself around our feet, purring her heart out, putting her paws up for cuddles, and eventually just leaped up my leg then up to my shoulder while I was closing the curtains to snuggle against my face. Crazy kitten

Ahhh it's nice to be home...
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Glad to hear that you are doing well and that you enjoyed your visit to NY even if you are exhausted please get you some rest. Hope you get plenty of sleep today.
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