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Roses & Kitty

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Are Roses posionous to cats?

DH sent me a wonderful dozen roses for V-day, and put them out of reach of the cats, but my older kitty found some rose leaves near the garbage pail and was chomping away at them. I haven't found any literature on the net about roses being dangerous, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows anything
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Roses are edible as far I know (I've eaten them).
I'd be a bit worried about what they may have been treated with though.
Keep an eye on your kitty for anything unusal, but chances are it'll be fine.
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I think tea roses are bad but other roses are ok?
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Shouldn't be a problem, unless they were sprayed with pesticides or something. Roses are edible, the petals taste nice in salads. Our rabbits used to chomp away on roses (much to my mum's joy ) and Radar has chewed leaves off roses and neither came to any harm from it. They are one of the few cut flowers I don't feel paranoid about having in the house because they are pretty non-toxic. I would be more worried about them getting scratched from any thorns.
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