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dont think its a behaiver prob so i posted here.

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just wondered , my patch loves cardboard boxs , what i have to do is lay them flat so that he can scratch them and chews them(never eats it) but my god i have so much mess with it lol , it isnt a problem i just wanted to know why the intrest?
he does it to anything paper aswell.
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Have you seen cardboard cat scratching boards?
They are very popular and make a mess too.

Dexter likes to bite anything paper or plastic.
I have to watch him closely to be sure he doesn't ingest anything toxic.
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Its a cat thing.. I think most cats lots to do that to cardboard
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iv heard of the scratching posts but never knew what they were , all we have here are the rope type ones. ours is a 3 story i think , but i want to get a few more. here great
so the cardboard just acts like one of them ?
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The only 'scratching post' in this house that Spaz will use is the huge cardboard box that our gas grill came in.
After over a year though, it's starting to wear out so I guess I need to buy another appliance to replace it
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lol i know most of my cats love hiding in the boxs , but he loves to rip through it and tear it to shreds lol
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Manytoes has this affliction too!
He goes INSIDE the box, then tries to scratch his way out!
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looks so cute though , lol i already got a pic of him with the newspaper , i will have to try and get a box one now.
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Sho likes to chew on box corners and I can't leave a bag of cat food down for very long. His bowl could be full but he just has to chew a hole in the bag. He absolutely loves boxes that have tape on them, he'll sit there and slowly peel it off.

My kitties have a couple of the cardboard scratchers too, they have a couple of rope scratching posts in the living room that are regularly used, but the cardboard ones are still their favorites. I suggest everyone get a couple they're cheap and are perfect to put by a litter box. However they do start flaking pieces of paper after a while, easy enough to clean up.
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You should search Fur Pics...there is one cat - I think it is Huggles' cat Cedar, that makes these really cool sculptures when he eats through boxes, LOL.
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Yep Benson does this too! We leave a box out for him. One time I put it away and he bit our dinning room chair. I won't make that mistake again.
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You can try something like this:

My cats love it!
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