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New Kittens

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Last Monday I brought home two new kittens, about 6 weeks old, one black and one white. Our black one has adapated wonderfully and is a playful normal kitten. The white concerns me, she seems to have been the runt and does not want to play as often, cries quite a bit and wants to be held 90% of the time. Is this normal and what can I do?

Thanks - Holly
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Hi Holly

Your babies are way to young to be away from mom and that is why the little one is crying so much. I do hope you have taken the new kitties to the vet to be checked out. There is a wonderful product called Snugglekittie that is a great substitute for mom- you can go to www.meowhoo.com and look up the category of Basic Pet Supplies/For kittens only to find it. It could help you out a lot. Mention thecatsite in your order and get 10% off the price.

But if the kittens have not gone to the vet yet, I would take them in to be safe. Good luck.
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Welcome to tCS. Hissy's advice is perfect! I am fostering some young kits myself right now, and between bottle feedings and snuggles, I have very little time for anything else! Let us know how you are making out with your young ones!
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Hi there-

I have taken them to the vet and they were fine. That was the day after I got them and the white one seems to have her up and down times. The black one has a cold right now, but it doesn't seem to be affecting him, he is still playing, eating, etc. I am going to take the white cat to the vet this week to have her checked out.
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