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Clavamox for Mixy

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As I've told you before, this vet doesn't bother to explain anything.
For the past spays of my Chachi and Sassy, they gave me the pink Amoxilin. (For Mr. Tom they didn't give me anything.) For Mixy, they gave me Clavamox.
I know that I am going to have problems giving this to my timid, nervous Mixy. I see on the websites that this med should be given with food. If so, then can I mix it in with some of the dry food? Wouldn't that be better than not taking it at all if she refuses to take it or spits it out?
Also it says that this med is given for bacterias. He didn't tell me that she had any bacteria. Would that be because she was nursing?
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sorry i dont have an answer for you , when all mine came home they never had meds to bring home aswell. but i wanted to say im glad shes home and that everything went well. i hope shes settling a bit now aswell x
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Mine never come home with meds, they are not needed. Do you know why your vet sends them home with meds, please?
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I don't know why he has given me meds. I'm glad to hear that they aren't needed because I did have a hard time giving her her dosage a minute ago.
I mixed it in with her soft food and she did take it like that.
Hope it turns out well for her.
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Clavamox is an antibiotic. A little stronger then Amoxi. How long did he tell you to keep your cat on it? I don't know why your cat would need it unless she had some sort of infection or an upper respiratory infection or something. I have never been given meds for my cats for after spay or neuter surgery. Maybe it is to prevnt an infection? I don't think you need it...
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he told me to give it to her for 10 days until her stitches are removed. I hope that it is only to prevent it and not that she has any bacteria. He didn't say anything!
His wife is also a vet and my sister told me that she is very nice and takes the time to explain things. Reason I don't go to her is that she is more expensive.
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10 days is the right amount of time, but I am guessing it is as a precaution. Honestly, unless the cat is outside or unless your house is filthy then I wouldn't worry. As long as she isn't licking a ton, a little is alright, but thats it. But then you can jjust get an E-collar.
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sorry for the question but what is an E-collar?
What's it for?
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Antibiotics after surgery are generally given as a preventative measure, to keep infection from happening.

An e-collar is an Elizabethan collar, those funny looking cone collar things they sometimes put on animals after surgery. Some vets give them and some don't.
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Does the vet and his wife both work at that same place? If so, how can she be more expensive then her husband? Might be worth the extra expense if she's a nicer person to explain things

I would not give the medicine in dry food - you can't make sure they are getting it. Try putting it in some canned food and making sure she eats it all without another cat eating it.
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I will mix it in with the canned food then.
The vet's wife has a separate clinic but you are right, I will consider taking them to her for their shots when they come up.
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Well, honestly, you pay him, so just call and ask why you have to give her the meds . He should at the least look it up and have a vet tech call you back with the reason. If she doesn't need it, then you don't need the hassle, either. My vets have only given the antibiotics if I saw that the area was red and/or swollen, etc. and let them know...
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I know what you mean! It is very disappointing dealing with a vet like him. I will have to take Mixy in 10 days to get her stitches removed but I will call on Monday and ask.
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I have had about 10 females spayed and none ever came home on antibiotics. All get a shot at the time of spay and all had dissovable stitches...Vet said if any were pregnant and it was a spay abort I would get a 10 day supply(he said it when I brought in a cat who had a litter of 5 12-weeks prior and at first glance she looked VERY pregnant but its just her post kitten shape-if you found her you would think shes due anyday-has full nipples and very round belly.I would try to get the antibiotics in if shes willing but if she fights that bad probably not to necesary I left first vet as he would just do what needed to be done and not explain or answer questions(great care at a great price but I left a wreck as I got a give this for xx days and revisit in two weeks. good luck with the possible new vet.
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I wonder if it comes in liquid? That is SO much easier to give to a cat; you just put the syringe in their mouth and they can't help but swallow. (You might have to towel-burrito them first).

The antibiotics are definitely a "just in case" thing. Since she's had surgery, the vet wants to be sure that any bacteria that get into the incision can't reproduce and cause trouble (bacteria are everywhere--in the air, in our own systems and in our cats' digestive tracts--so there's no avoiding a few even in a sterile environment). The vast majority of the time, the cat's own defenses easily defeat the few bacteria that end up in the wound, but every once in a while there are problems. So your vet is just being super cautious.

Feel better soon Mixxy!

[edit] Ooh, I didn't think of the possibility that the cat might have been given a single-dose antibiotic at the vet's. Maybe that's it when your cat doesn't get antibiotics after a spay.
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It does come in liquid. She has been refusing to take it. She only takes a bit because I can't get her to open her mouth and it spills on her body.
I did see that her spay cut is a bit red. Is that normal?
Sorry to ask a lot of questions but it is because I worry so much about my cats.
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never say sorry for asking so many questions as there is no such thing, everyone learns something new everyday even the most experinced cat onwers on here will ask a question from time to time. a little redness can be normal but if it priests or gets any worse i would take her back to the vets
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If she refuses the oral antibiotics, I would call the vet and ask if they gave a shot of antibiotic. Also, could they give her another shot if they feel it is necessary.

My avatar boy Will used to be an outside kitty. (He is in and out now.) Anyhow, after a nasty fight, he was on oral antibiotics for his wounds to heal. Of course after giving him a few doses, he just quit coming around for a few days. Now, if he needs an antibiotic, he gets a shot of penicillin. Same for my boy Garfield. He was very sick as a kitten, and cannot tolerate oral medications. So if he needs an antibiotic, I try to be sure he gets a shot of penicillin, rather than the stress of oral antibiotics.

I'm glad Mixy got spayed! Good for you!
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"a bit red" on the incision is normal... cuts healing generally tend to be a bit red because there's more blood flow to the area. But if it's very red, or if it looks like it hurts her, that's a bad sign.
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we've been struggling a bit but we are almost half way through Mixy's antibiotics! She refuses but does swallow most of the dosage.
Thank you all for the good vibes!
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