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what next?

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As you have seen from my other post, I took all advice,
I had the blood work done, and the chemical panel, all came back with good results for sterling, next I had his teeth cleaned and checked, The vet said they were good, he still does not eat much and is driving me nuts, I have tried all different foods.
I cooked him up some chicken livers and he ate quite a bit, his other foods he just licks the juices, always wants more. but does not eat much, I did get him some of the new cat milk, he does drink some of that,I hardly see him drink much water either, he dropped from 11.25lbs to 8 in about 5 weeks. any other ideas,
he seems to always run around flinching, licks his paws really fast and takes off.like some nervous condition.Bye the way,
how do I change my status, it says kitten, he is a 9 year old cat.I am spending money on foods like crazy, he was always picky cause he is spoiled, but not like this.. What is the next step.
thanks for the good advice
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Another question
I am only trying to give ground food
so he eats, he is at his bowl for a long time, but only eats very little if any, he seems to lick not chewing, i really think his mouth is sore for some reason, even though the vet said his teeth are fine.
he did finally chew up a semi hard whiska's treat, but looked like it was hurting him, and then he spit it out and took off running, should I have a different vet look at him, are there vets that speacialize in teeth or mouth problems.also is there a liquid diet out there for cats that cannot chew, until I fiqure this out, can cats starve themsevels.He is getting thin.
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Something is definately going on! How long has it been since he had his teeth cleaned? If his teeth were fine why did you have them cleaned? Also, have you talked to your Vet about this problem at all? If not you should! If you do not get a satisfactory answer go too another Vet.

In the mean time you might want to add some juice from the wet food to the dry to make it softer and easier for him to eat.

Good Luck!
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comon helen of course i have been talking to the vet, also they had to check has teeth, sometimes cleaning them makes a difference.

that was the next step after the blood work,
to check his teeth and get them cleaned, which was just friday,
also i am moving on to the next step, I called another cat vet
and made an appointment, also my regular vet is to call me back,
I think we need x rays on his mouth, and possibly an ultra sound,
I am going to feed him baby food, that's what the new vet sugested,
also i just gave him some tuna, won't touch it. I was just wondering if anyone has run into similar problems, his meow has gotten a little hoarse lately also.it is definately something with his mouth or throat.
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