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2 Behavior things...

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Hi. Peaches has 2 very common behaviors that i have been wanting
to inquire about for a long time.

1. Often, when you come near her, she'll put her ears back and give you a look
that says "What the hell do you want??" Is she annoyed? Or...

2. Peaches loves belly rubs. she often rolls around on the floor, signalling you
to come over and pet her. However, when petting her, she'll get EXTREMELY
angry OUT OF NO WHERE. Its crazy. 1 second, shes enjoying a belly rub, the
other, she springs up, meows loudly, and bites you.

Whats up with these behaviors?
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I'm not sure about the ear thing,
but one of my cats is really sweet then out of no where starts attacking (biting & scratching). Certain cats just get over stimulated when rubbing them, I've known a few cats like this. not sure what to do about that so hopefully you'll get more responses!
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How old is she and are these usual behaviors for her?
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The biting thing, she's probably giving you signals that she's had enough and you might not be picking up on them! Try watching her closely and see if you can figure it out. I think she's responding so extremely because rubbing a cat's stomach puts them in a pretty compromising position, so she feels pretty exposed after she's had enough tummy rubbin!
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