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lane bryant

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Just wondering how many of the girls here shop @ Lane Bryant? I wear a 16 in pants . I can't find jeans at other stores that fit me as good as the ones at Lane Bryant. I think they are made rommier or something? I can buy dress pants @ Mervyn's & Target and places like that, but just not jeans. Anyways, I was looking for a pair of khaki pants & went to Old Navy, but didnt like the way they fit me, so I went to Lane Bryant. THey had some nice, cute ones w/ a drastring, but zipped & buttoned too. I was able to actually fit into a 14!
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Just wanted to say that I have the hardest time finding jeans that I like. I really like the Chic regular cut ( they are fuller in the hips and but ) but I cannot always find them. My mom got me some at Macy's a while back for Christmas and she got me a pair of black and regular blue, but they are about to wear out now!!!!!!!!! I have a hard time finding the right size too, Tigger.
I wear a size 8/10 in regular pants, but for jeans I am a 10 or sometimes even a 12 . Gotta love that booty!!!!!!!
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my favorite jeans are actually the "Riders" brand made by Lee. I usually get them at WalMart. It's not easy to find a 16petite size around here.
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I love Lane Bryant! I have trouble fitting into jeans, too, and have found that their pants are the most comfortable and flattering. I love their low-cut jeans especially. I wear a size 14/16, and carry most of my weight in my stomach (I call it my buddha belly). They definately design clothes for women, and not for girls. I get many complements on the outfits I get there, and I have to admit I get a kick out of saying "Oh, I got this at the 'big girls' store!"
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I bought a pair of really cute jeans there not to long ago. They are flared at the end, and instead of a zipper, they have suede strings that lace up. Hubby called them my 70's jeans, lol :LOL: THey are a stretch denim too. They are a bit pricey though, on osome of their stuff.
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I hate buying jeans!!! That's why I love my jogging pants! I have an odd shape...my waist is very small....but then my belly and hips are bigger! So if I get them to fit my waist, they are tight in the belly and hips, but if I get them to fit the belly/hips, then the waist is way to big. UUUGGGG. I love Zena jeans because I can wear an 8 in them, and they even fit the waist. But other jeans I have to get 10's. And then they are usually tight in the butt and hips...ah such is life. Give me a good old comfy pair of jogging pants any day!

The depressing thing is I was a 5 when hubby and I got marrid 8 yrs. ago. Boy what time does. And of course I still haven't lost all the weight from the baby, so I am wearing a 12 that fits my belly. Can't wait till that's gone. (I'm trying, I really am) I will never see a size 5 again, but I will be happy when I can wear my 8's and 10's again!!!
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When I met my hubby I wore a 13/14, so I only went up 1 size, but 1 size does make a difference I used to be able to wear the belly shirts & short shorts. Now, I cannot unless you went to see some rolls. I know I can get back to looking that way, but it just seesm like a far away accomplishment. My stomach below the belly button kind of sticks out & thaat is what I want to get down.. that and my hips. It just seems like everthing is made for people who are so skinny. Like, go to Target, ok. They have Mossimo in the Women's area too, but they make them so darn small, even in a size 14-16. They make them narrow in the waist, I think.

Oh & Debby, I hate wearing jeans, too, lol. They just arent comfortable to me, except those ones that I do have. I am more comfortable in a pair of dress pants than jeans just because they stretch atleast Old Navy has some cute jogging pants and stuff like that, if you have one nearby.
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I just by the cheapo Hanes Her way jogging pants at walmart...they are only $6 a pair, and luckily I can even wear them to owrk, since I work in a factory...we all dress comfy!!! I used to wear short shirts, too, Tigger, but not now!!! Too much fat!
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I wore Rustler mens' jeans for years. They fit me comfortably and wear like iron. At WalMart, they're about $10 a pair. Last year, after losing so much weight, I bought women's jeans. I don't like Dockers - they're cut too baggy, in the butt. I don't HAVE much of a butt and I don't like pants that hang in that area.

My favorite pair of jeans are Navy surplus bell bottoms. I bought two pairs, twelve years ago and still wear them. Last year, I was standing in a buffet line, wearing those jeans and a tie-dyed T-shirt. A teeny-bopper looked at me and said, "That outfit is SO cool!" Never thought I'd be a fashion icon to someone younger than my own kids. Those are the same type of clothes, that I wore 30 years ago. I never gave them up. Still wear my miniskirts, too! I'm gonna be one hot grandma and embarrass my kids and grandkids!
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I love Lane Bryant, but we don't have any in Canada. I buy my jeans at Cotton Ginny Plus. They fit great!
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