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California Natural or Natural Balance?

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Tyler's doing well on the Natural Balance Venison & Peas wet. He really likes it and has been eating just that for the past two weeks or so. But now, it's getting really hard to feed him wet throughout the day so I plan on feeding him NB wet for dinner and a good dry food in the day time.

Innova EVO didn't work out too well. Something about it just gave Tyler constipation, puke attacks, etc. So I researched other premium dry foods and California Natural really stood out. I like the simple ingredients but at the same time, since Tyler really likes the NB Venison & Peas wet, should I feed the dry version in the daytime since he'll be sticking with one protein?

Advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I like both foods. Not that my statement there helped any. I found my Damita got bored with NB Venison & GP dry & wet. Does tyler have allergies causing you to feed NB Venison & GP? If not, I like Cal Nat....I'd go with that one. Just IMO, though.
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Tyler has a very sensitive stomach and when I was feeding him EVO (in the most gradual manner), I started finding bald spots here and there. He was eating Royal Canin before and it's also chicken based so he shouldn't be allergic to chicken. It's just so hard figuring out what would be best for him since his tummy is so sensitive. I am leaning towards California Natural but wondered if the NB Venison & Peas dry would be easier to transition to since he's been eating the wet version of it (and liking it!).
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If he has a sensitive stomach, I would lean towards the NB Venison & GP just because chaces are it won't make him sick. But, at the same time, the Cal Nat formula is so simple I wouldn't think it would upset him more than any food change would.

I'd also like to add that EVO can be "too rich" for many kitties causing a variety of unpleasant digestive upsets. I assume you know what I'm referring to!
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I wonder if he'll like the variety of chicken during the day and vension at night... We'll see! I can't find the dry variety of NB around here so I'm going to go with the California Natural for now and see how he fairs.
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Cal natural

if you want too mix be sure to slowly introduce
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I'd say both, provided a switch or mix doesn't cause stomach upset.
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