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Herpes Virus in strictly outdoor cat?

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OK, so Molly's had a weepy eye since I brought her home. Took her to the vet this am & he thinks its herpes. The plan was for Molly to be one of the outside kitties, in the garage or shop, then going out for exploration...I will admit, though, that with Molly's personality, she's not gonna want to be in the garage, she will likely revert back to being a semi-feral & I won't be able to touch her.

Is it just me, or does it seem like a really bad idea to put a cat with herpes outside?

(*I am attending college while living at home with my parents, it was not my idea to make Molly an outside kitty. I think 6 is a good number..... )

ETA: I am starting Molly on 1000 mg Lysine a day(correct dose, right?) as well as CPD Idoxuridine Ophto Solution drops 3x a day.
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It sounds like you are treating her appropriatly. Both Melody and Alley have herpes and I treat them daily with 500mg of Lysine and an occasional drop of an antibiotic drops when they have flare ups. I am not sure how well it will go since Molly is an outdoor kitty-is there anyway she would be willing to be an indoor kitty?? I also know how hard it is to make the decision to add another kitty to the househould (I have 8!!) Lysine needs to be given consistently in order to become effective-so if she is outdoors and does not come around every day, then the Lysine may not work, but good for you for giving it a shot! Let us know how it goes and how poor Molly is doing.
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Molly is currently a strictly indoor kitty(as are the 5 in my siggy). I also have 8 outside kitties, 4 "pets" & 4 semi-ferals....in addition to what appears to be a litter that showed up here(semi-ferals).

The problem is that it will be difficult to talk my parents into #6. They have put up with a lot with me having 5. And, I won't be moving out for at least a year. I almost hate to make the commitment & make them make the commitment....although Molly gets along with Crazy Ophelia, so things could work for her staying an indoor kitty....
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Well good luck with the parents-hopefully they will let you keep her as #6. I thought that with each one that we added that I would have to beg and plead with my husband to keep them, turns out he is a bigger sucker that even I am, he melts right away once he sees their little faces. Tell your parents I said that she needs to be indoors in order to treat her properly. Not that I am any threat to them, but it may work. Good for you for taking care of all those kitties!
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Sorry I can't offer much advice about the Herpes, but Molly seems like such a sweetie I haven't caught the whole story of Molly so maybe she's a little terror with a sweet face LOL...either way, she seems to be enjoying the good life inside.

I know that's tough when it's not up to you, though. Luckily for me, my husband is a sucker too.
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Maybe I'll just post Molly's story!

Molly was a cat at the Humane Society where I volunteer. She was trapped near a feral colony in the very beginning on Nov. 2006. To be dead honest, the only reason she was not euthanized was because we thought her mustache would get her adopted(we were double capacity at the time). So, we worked with her to get her friendly. She had a weepy eye, so we put her on eye meds...it developed into a URI, so we put her on anti-biotics. Then we put her on a diferent one when the URI didn't clear up. She was finally healthy enough to spay so she could go to a farm home. When she got back, she developed a UTI. So we put her on an anti-biotic again. Well, then he eye started weeping & she started getting the URI again despite the anti-biotics. I knew she was in danger of being pts....so I brought her home in Jan. Now...she's still in the house. Basically, she was medicated with one thing or another while at the shelter...she was stressed, didn't eat much...the stress caused her UTI & caused her to be more susceptible to everything....
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