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sick kitten

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We "adopted" a 6 week old kitten yesterday & he hasn't eaten or drank anything sinse we brought him home. He sleeps most of the time.
It also has an "goopy" eye which I have been cleaning when it wakes up but it is stuck shut whenever he wakes up. Any suggestions?
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When I got my Wylie, he had a goopy eye that was stuck shut. He also sneezed and had a runny nose with a small appetite. He couldn't eat alot because he was having trouble breathing. I took him to the vet and he had a viral upper respiratory infection, that the vet was able to help us cure. Does your kitten have other symptoms as I mentioned? You should take the kitten to the vet anyway just for a check up.If it does have a respiratory infection it can be treated but left untreated could it could get worse. Wylie was a very sick kitten, other than the respiratory infection he had an ear infection and worms so even if your kitten just has a little cold it should be checked out anyway.
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YES - Definately get him to a VET Immediately.

Kittens have very weak immune systems, and even the slightest case of fleas or illness can kill them
very quickly, so it is best to have them see a vet and get any medical attention that they need as soon as possible.
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I agree with Hell603. A kitten that little has a compromised immune system until he grows a little more. Get him to a vet ASAP. Especially since he hasn't eaten or drank anything. Kitten who become dehydrated can fail very quickly if no medical treatment is sought. Good luck and let us know what happens.
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I would also suggest bringing him to the vets, as it's possibly (from my experience) an upper respiratory infection. I've cared for cats with such infections and supplemented what the vets have prescribed with warmed food (warming it helps increase the odor--maybe soft kitten food, like Iams, mixed with chicken broth and nuked for 20 secs or so), along with frequent steam baths--i.e., get your cat in a small room, like a bathroom, and start a vaporizer going, supplement that by running a hot shower til the room gets all steamy. I've seen cats get better this way, along with antibiotics, in about a week or two. It's a lot of work, but it's been worth it for me.
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Jean - How is your little one doing???
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We took your advise & took her to the vet. She did have an upper respitory infection. She is doing much better now w/the medicine & we also have been giving her kitten replacement milk. She loves chasing our "weiner dog" around the house now!

Thanks for all your help.
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I'm so glad to hear that she is doing better. I couldn't help but notice in your first post you called your kitten a he now you are saying she. Was there confusion about the gender, it can be hard to tell when they are still a few weeks old. What is her name?
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yes, the kitten is a she. We never checked, we were told she was a he when we adopted her. We still haven't named her yet. Right now she is just kitty!
She is upset w/us right now because we have stopped w/the milk replacer & trying to get her to drink water.
Thanks again for everyones concern.
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