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The Cat Who Ate Christmas

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Is it obvious that I am digging through photo's today?

I couldn't resist—I have to share this picture of GoGo chewing on our little tabletop "Christmas City" decoration...

This is a small display that has little magnetic people ice skating to Christmas carols...Every year I attempt to bring it out my cats attack it!

GoGo loves to slap the little ice skaters RIGHT out of the rink and randomly he'll run off with one of the tiny ice skaters in his mouth. I found these little people all over the house for weeks—mostly under things like the stove, fridge, entertainment center...LOL!!

You think he'll grow out of this nasty habit?

Too funny!!
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Nope, that habit's there to stay.

Years ago, a tabby named Feisty stole the same ornament off of the tree, every year. No matter how high up it was, she got it and carried it all over the house.

She, also, knew which stocking was hers. It was the only one that she would pull off of the wall.

This will be Rowdy's first Christmas. I'm waiting to see what she'll do with the tree. She is larcenous by nature and will steal anything that she can get her mouth and paws on.
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Of course not! It's WAY too much fun! Absolutely LOL! This really needs to be in Caption This! Attack of the Giant Cat!
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OMG!!! What a cute picture!!! And I agree, you just HAVE to send that to the Caption This Forums!!!

May I ask you a question....was that taken with a digital camera or did you scan a photograph? The reason I am asking, is because I noticed how clear it is for such a close up shot. I have been having problems taking pictures of Amber (or anything) that is close up...it gets fuzzy and blurry. My camera stinks. It is a regualr 35 mm camera. Not digital. Just a cheap one. I need to get a good camera, (maybe for christmas) and want a regular (not digital) one that isn't too expensive, (under 100 would be best) and then I can take pictures of the baby, and have them to take to work to show people, but still have them put on a disk when they are developed so I can post some here, too. Just wondered what a good kind was. Thought I'd ask you, sorry for asking in the middle of your thread. Maybe you could PM me, since I may not get back around to check this thread for an answer. Thanks!!!
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Kim that is a great picture! :LOL:
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Awwwwwwwwww! go GoGo! I can't even put a Christmas tree or any decorations up in my house. They disappear in about 5 seconds flat and then I end up finding little Christmas 'presents' all over the house for months!! I even tried a playpen for the tree - oh yeah, right, like THAT'S gonna stop us!
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Bill and i are going to put a hook, in the ceiling and use monofilament, to secure the tree. I'm sure that we will lose some ornaments but all of ours are nonbreakable and cat-friendly: no glass, angelhair or tinsel.
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I agree !!! Post this in "caption it " !!!! Is so funny , lol
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Kim! Grow out of it? He's just getting started! I agree; the picture is wonderful, but the ideal caption is already on your post: "The Cat Who Ate Christmas."
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