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Litter box dreams

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I had a dream about litter boxes last night that was too weird not to share with you guys. Was living with my parents again (that's scary enough!) and they decided to adopt a cat. Instead of getting her a normal litterbox, they insisted on using other strange boxes, like a shoe box or an empty box of Tide detergent. Anyway, these boxes always needed scooping, like every hour on the hour, and they wouldn't do it, so I had to! Boy, what it a relief to wake up from that dream.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has weird dreams about litter boxes.
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That is a wild dream...I have never dreamt of litter boxes, but there is always a first time...maybe I will
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That was strange and I can't say that I've ever had a Litter Box Dream either!

Hilda >^..^<
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Thats silly.....and no I cant say I have ever dreamt about litter boxes
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Nope - me neither!
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Nope no litter box dreams for me and i have some crazy ones!
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Not yet Eileen but theres always a first time
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Never dreamt about litterboxes here, either!
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Okay. Guess it's official then. I'm weird!
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No, I haven't. But I'm sure Fred and Nermal have!
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That was kinda weird and I don't remember dreaming about litterboxes, but that doesn't mean I haven't! I mean cripe, I have so many and I used to have one in my bedroom!
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like it's not enough to have to scoop them in real life?!
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I guess that makes 2 of us being weird. I have dreamt about scooping litterboxes, but it was just normal scooping. Nothing too strange about the actual dream. Considering there is a litterbox in the bedroom, I would guess that someone went and the odor triggered the dream.
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I can honestly say I have never dreamed about a litter box
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I can honestly say I have never dreamed about a litter box
Youre next!!
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