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Opinions on new Wellness Core

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Hello, I am new here...I have a 3 yo Siberian and just got a 12 wk old domestic cat. I want to feed them the best possible food. I am not very familiar with cat nutrition. I have been doing some research and I think I want to try the new Wellness Core with no grains. They say it is for all life stages. Is is really ok to feed this to my kitten? Any other good food suggestions? I was thinking of Natural Balance as my second choice (this is also all life stage food). We do also give some canned food daily. Any thoughts on these foods? Should I stick with kitten food for the kitten? Thanks so much.

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Well, there's quite a debate about which food is best. I personally am beginning to think that the low carbs diets are the best. I've just begun research on this, though, when my newest arrival came and was already on a raw diet. I am considering switching my other two over to the high protein/low carb food.. but the only one I'm familiar with is Innova Evo, which I think might have been the first out. I think Nutura makes that. If you're interested in that food, which is a bit pricey.. you can just do an internet search on Innova Evo and it will come up. They can tell you what the closest store to you is, or you can order it online at petfooddirect.com (and while the food was only slightly more expensive, you do pay for shipping there).

If you'd like some information on the low carb, high protein diets.. you can find out more from catnutrition.org ... where they do talk about raw diets, but it does help to understand the idea behind raw v. dry.. which is similar in theory but not completely the same as high protein low carb v. normal dry food.

At this point, every one has a different opinion on it, hehe. I think the raw/high protein/low carb is still pretty controversial. It makes sense to me, though.
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I like Raw instict by natures prarie best in the low carb catagory.. The core IMHO has too much fish ... Evo worked well in my dog but not my cat ( too rich ) but I like it better than core

I love the canned Evo and think if your wanting low carb you shouldnt be starting at dry but with wet

Raw is great if you can do it .. I rotate it ....
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