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I hate snow lol and the salt crews

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We live in an alley way actually between 2 alleys, and well the one behind our house is a dead end mind u and theres only a few houses but the one neughbor knows the cops and everything and the boro and well the other neighbor parks on our street and the other ones dont drive, well that street is COMPLTELTY CLEAR, and our street which alot of people drive on for some reason isnt clear at all they only do our street once a day if we are lucky and my moms missed work all week too becaause she has a little saturn and is afraid of getting stuck on the street or well slidding down the street but also because the roads are bad and what not, but this is ridiculous that they arent hitting our street a neighbor yesterday that doesnt live on this street but the next one up always uses our street (its a one way and kind of like a short cut in a way) and well they got stuck so they needed our help of course so come one now I dont want my mom going to the top of the street which is a T and slid on ice or anything, this is just rediculous...so sorry I needed to vent a little bit because I am about to flip out its like this every year but usually they are more on top of it for our street so my mom is going to try to catch a ride with a lady she works with today adn meet her at the top of the street if the lady's even going in so my mom at leasts make some money this week (we do need cat food tomarrow ) I understnad they dont get the side streets done right away but they no ppl live here and that this alley is frequently used way more than the dead end street !!! So why do they need to single us out, o and yesterday when they came it was about 8 am and the stopped in front of our house and beeped now my moms car is all the way on the side and well it hasnt moved all week so idk what all that was about, but this just makes me so mad sorry like I said I needed to vent a little bit before i go outside and stand in the middle of the street and complain and well im crazy and can be mean at times but who isnt...thats what i liked about school because people never messed with me because i was always called crazy And u want to be that in the school i went to
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I still think you need to get some sleep...

Hilda >^..^<
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I know here when they plow the roads they do have a certain order in which to clear them. I am on a county road so mine does get cleared early and regularly but the people who live in town have to wait until the more used roads and streets are done first. Its a pain but what can you do (other than complain to the street dept that responsible for this).
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Complaining to city works department usually doesn ot work either, so might as well save your breath, lol. I know that exact situation, My parents street is always the last to get done and sometimes it has melted before it got plowed out. But usually it is like 3-4 days after a snow fall before they hit it. Frustrating I know. Hopefully your mother got to work today.
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