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new cat went after little cat real bad again.

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well it's 5:15 Am and the new older cat got out of her room and full fledged attacked the little girl. Woke me in the dead of sleep, and now the little girl won't come out from under the couch. She wouldn't stop either, it just kept going.
just when i start to get hope, boom...she pulls this.
I know everyone has giving me good advice over the past few days so I'm not even sure what I'm looking for at this point.
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I'm not sure where the original thread on this is.. so I don't know what advice you've been given. If you've had this cat for a while and the little one is an adult.. they may simply just not be compatible. I can't bring anything but kittens into my house new. The others here will not accept them. If your original cat is timid, you probably have to bring in a kitten, or a very young cat, because they'll probably be a little more submissive than an adult.

How long have you been trying this?
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well all the cats are adults but the new one is 7, and was about to get put down when I took her. I know it's the new cat and not the other one. I've had the new one for 2 months, and the little one has always been fine with other cats.
the old thread...the title was, and it should be on the same page if ya wanna take a look.
"newish cat being very aggressive with other cats, especially little one"
basically it would be near impossible to find her a new home with attitude problem.
thanks for responding
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Hmm, well, might try kitty prozac. Apparently you can put it on their ears, although I haven't looked in to this product. They suggested it at one point for two of our cats that weren't getting along..said that you just put it on both of them for a while.. the aggressive one forgets to be aggressive, and the timid one forgets to be timid.... but don't forget to wear gloves when you apply it, and they suggested two months at the minimum.. one application a day or something.

I don't know where you'd get this. Certainly it seems a better solution than putting the aggressor down. I don't normally advocate drugging kitties, but.. you know, sometimes that's the only solution. Anyway, it's worth a thought, I guess. The only other thing I can think of is complete separation.
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That may be the reason the 7 yr old was in the shelter to start with - incompatability with other cats. Some cats just don't get along with ANY other cats - those are good to re-home to single cat house.

Maybe that is what you'd have to do in this situation - re-home her to an "only cat" house. I've had to do that with a few of my rexes - they were queen of the house and no problems being an only cat who gets all the attention.
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she wasn't in a shelter, her mom of 7 yrs was about to put her down after suposidly looking for a home for her for 6 months cuz she was moving in with the allergic boyfriend Ha, I'd leave the person first!
she's never been around other cats before, but was very aggressive with even me the first month and still sometimes. I do think she would be happier as an only cat, she can be happy sometimes. Sometimes it seems like it could work, but it breaks my heart to see how the little one reacts to everything now. Zoey (little one) is the sweetest most passive cat I've ever known. I hadn't even seen he hiss before I got Nuit, and she hadn't really until nuit started going after her.
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It seems like maybe she was a one person cat, and her previous owner was the one person.

I so wouldn't get rid of my cats for a boyfriend..heck, I grew up with allergies and had cats the entire time...that's what they make allergy shots for.
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yeh never in a million yrs would i give up my cats for a boyfriend. Anyone who's a true cat/animal lover wouldn't do that, and anyone who is a decent person wouldn't do that to someone they loved. ug
It's gonna be alot of searching for a new home, but who may just work out in the long run
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Hehe, of course... since I won't deal with a guy who won't deal with my cat.. maybe that's why I'm still single... LOL
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As mush as the boyfriend drives me nuts quite often, I certainly lucked out as far as him being an animal lover. I didn't have any pets when we met, now there are 5 cats! I often joked if I hadn't met him I would have switched teams being that usually woman are the ones who like cats so much!
Ug, nuit just went after zoey......I'm having to use a water bottle, I know it says you shouldn't. I'm also trying an herbal thing. Water bottle seems to be the only thing keeping her away right now.
she knows what she doing is wrong cuz now when she sees me while she's going after zoey she runs but comes back for lovin after
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I don't know if correcting them will help or not.. it didn't with Khan and Bagheera, but.. if it seems to be working, you might try an old metal coffee can with five or six coins in it. Just shake it when they do something they're not supposed to. It works really well with mine. It's gotten to the point where all I have to do is pick mine up, and knock whatever it is off.
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