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moving out with a stray?

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I've had a stray cat for a while now. Each day I make more and more progress with her and she's slowly becoming a tame kitty.
My other cats (I have 4 + the stray) aren't very happy with the new adition to the family though they seem to tolerate her most of the time.
Sometimes they can't stand her but I think if I give them more time they'll slowly accept her.
She's been fixed, has all her shots, etc.. she's basically been adopted by us because we fell in love with her.

So.. to the point. I'm moving houses by the end of march. So far I'm trying as much as possible to tame my stray but I worry she'll run away once we move to a different house.

I've read alot about the best way to change houses if you have cats, I'll be doing everything in my hands to make their life the least stresful as possible.
The first step would be to move them the last (once we've moved all our stuff in our new home). I decided to keep the 4 cats in a room and sheeba (the stray) in a seperate room. Is that a good idea? For how long should they stay in a room?

Another reason I'm concerned is that their going to be some construction made in the house while we are living there. We need to fix the floor and make a bathroom bigger, this means that it'll be noisy (and quite frightening) for the cats, specially when they are just adjusting to the place. Whats the best way I can handle the situation? specially with the stray one? she's still not completely tame and I'm scared she'll run away

Unfortunately we can't have the construction made before moving in. The previous owners still live in that house and they won't move out until the end of march. Its all in a pretty tight schedule and I need to find the best ways to help my cats adjust, SPECIALLY the stray one because she's the one that has the highest chance of running away.

any ideas, tips, suggestions, your own experience, anything at all is very appreciated.
I just want to move to a new house without losing any of my sweet babies.

thanks for reading.
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If your talking about her going outside, I heard once you adopt a cat they will learn where their home is in about 3-6 months of living their. Meaning if you move and you plan on letting your cats go outside for a little fresh air each day, Do Not let them outside until you have been in the new house for 3-6 months.

If it's warm keeping a screen in the window so they can smell the air and bringing them out in your arms once in a while will get them used to their new surroundings, doing this as soon as you move will help them observe their new home quicker.
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This is kind of a long read, and some it isn't going to apply to you, but a lot will, and it'll give you lots of options and ideas: Moving out with Feral cat

Because they're indoor/outdoor cats, not ferals, the most important thing is to keep them inside for some time. Because the new stray is not so tame, it may be the best thing to consider keeping her in a separate room when you move. Treat it like a feral socialization and new cat introduction at the same time.... http://www.thecatsite.com/Behavior/4...cing-Cats.html

Confine her to a room that's not near the bathroom you'll be working on. Consider putting a screen door on her room (temporarily) - this will help with the cat "reintroductions." Spend as much time as you can (know you'll be busy!) in there with her - not even necessarily interacting with her - but let her turn the room into "her territory" while moving in and construction is going on.

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Thank you so, so much for your replies they've been inmensely helpful.

My babies appreciate it too. Thanks to you guys they'll adjust alot better
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I really hope all goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good luck with the move, and good luck with all the kitties.

Please keep us updated and let us know what happens.
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