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Hello everybody -

Seems like every time I post a picture in here it's usually of Spot or GoGo...Well here's a picture of my sweet little (Polydactyl) Peanut... As you can see, he's very happy in this picture with his Daddy holding him.

Everyone - meet Keith, my wonderfully tolerant husband. When I say tolerant, I mean this man has given me his blessings to adopt/rescue over 20 cats throughout our marriage.........and has never complained. He's got a BIG heart… Also, Keith is responsible for spoiling our little brood!

Oh yeah, I made him register his OWN screen name for the catsite - His screen name is TheCatGuy...he'll be popping in and out of here now and then...NOW you'll know who the heck he is.

Look how much Peanut loves his DooDa!!!!! LOL!!
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Hi Keith!

Nothing like a supportive partner~

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That's two handsome guys you have, Kim! Don't tell them I said so, though!
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:eye&mouth Jeanie: Are you kidding? Keith loves compliments like that. However, I may need your help getting his head through the threshold of our door...... :laughing:

Thank you, though...I think I will go tell Peanut first!

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GREAT picture! I agree - two great guys, both handsome! At least they don't look like each other!
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What a wonderful picture and welcome to TCS Keith!!
HIP HIP HURRAH for supportive hubbies!!!!
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Peanut is a beautiful cat!!!!!! And I agree with everyone else, your husband is very handsome!! I think it is wonderful that he loves the cats as much as you do!
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Great pic!! That cat looks huge?!?!? and Bless yer hubby for being a cat lover!!
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You guys are so nice. Keith hates this picture because he says he looks like a 44 years old "Grizzly Adam's" LOL!!! — he recently shaved his beard and does looks totally different. I love him both ways. I'll have to send him to this thread today so he can read for himself... LOL!!

BodLover: LOL! Peanut is my smallest boy. He only weighs 13lbs. I think he looks big because Keith is standing at an angle, elbow up— holding Peanut up. So Peanut really is huge looking because he's taking over the foreground....... grin.

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Kim! Only 13 pounds? That's huge! That's felinus giganticus!! The next thing we know he'll be stomping on cars in NYC and climbing the Empire State Building with a girl clutched in his paw!

p.s. Sweet little peanut? Sweet, I believe. Little peanut is a real stretch!
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Really? That's huge? Maybe I'm used to having boy kitties...I was thinking that their weight was kind of average........I guess girl kitties do appear daintier than my boys. Of course, we all might agree that GoGo is pushing the envelope…<grin>

LOL! Combined weight, I am the mommy of almost 60 lbs of boy kitties...Equivalent to = a dog

hmmmm what do you think?
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Wow! Kim, those guys are really something!

My sister just got reprimanded by her vet because their cat (DSH) Savage was 3.6 pounds last year and this year colcked in at 13.4! They told her to stop feeding him and he should weigh about 8-9 pounds.

Quite a Rogue's Gallery, though!
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Wow... that's scary....I guess every Vet has his own theory on weight. My Vet told me (about 5 months ago) that all 3 of my boys were at a perfect weight, with the exception of GoGo, who at the time, weighed 20lbs. Our plan was to put all of the cats on lower calorie food.

Here's the part where I get confused:

My cats were used to their cat dish being out all day, so my Vet told me not to change that habit...just add less food to the bowls. He said that "suddenly" putting any cat on a diet can be dangerous to their health and shorten their life span.. causing kidney failure, heart disease, etc.… I'd like to know more about that subject...

He also recommended that I create more activity for my boys, especially GoGo by putting their food dish higher up on a counter so that they would have to "work" a little harder for their food.....That didn't really work out well over here, though.

SO, I added more toys to their cat enclosure...more ramps, more tree limbs, etc...and GoGo lost a couple of pounds over the next few months. I think the weight loss was definitely the activity because, Lord knows, he doesn't appear to be starving! LOL!!!
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OK so Keith is the polydactyl one with all the fur and whiskers...and Peanut is the 'Grizzly Adam' one with the clothes and beard and the big grin??

Welcome to TheCatGuy!!
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You know.......they do have the same coloring....I can see where there might be confusion...LOL!!!!
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Mate, I'm just messin with your head. But do make sure Keith gets his flea bath and fish treat tonight.
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You are too funny and I am too visual- I'm just trying to picture myself calling Peanut and Keith coming...ROTLMAO!!!
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See that!! It's Kumbulu! She came out of hiding, so you KNOW your kitties' sizes are attracting world wide attention!
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Kim, I think you just have big kitties! Peanut looks so much bigger than the rest, though. Maybe it's just that tough looking little face he has.

Welcome TheCatGuy! It's always nice to have new members, but now Kim will have to behave! :LOL:
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LOL Jeanie, I'll just get back into my box now.
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