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A small, foster based rescue we work with lost a baby yesterday. Let me first start off by saying this is the best rescue ever! They take in our "unadoptables" as often as they can.

10/26/06 Heidi arrived at the rescue. She was born early August. She died 2/14/07. Heidi was a little black kitten we named after this lady who runs the rescue. We knew her soft spot for black kittens & were in desperate need of space. Heidi(person) took the bait & took Heidi & her 6 littermates. All others were adopted quickly, but Heidi(kitten) being black, was of course the last to be there. About 6 weeks ago Heidi(kitten) was tested for a fugus as she had a few blad spots. She was seperated from the other cats. Yesterday, Heidi(kitten) died in Heidi's arms.

We got an e-mail notifying us of this...& you just know Heidi(person) has been unable to function. She lost her beloved Halle, a black kitten she rescued, to FeLV at the exact same age as Heidi(kitten) was when she died.

Play happily over the rainbow bridge Heidi kitten!! Halle is waiting there for you!

I honestly shouldn't get so attached to Heidi when I knew her so little, but I got to watch her grow up...she was just so darn sweet! The worst part of this all-they suspect it was FIP.
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aww thats so sad. At least you got to meet her and make her life so much better.
She must be playing with Halle up there.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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RIP little Heidi, there are many friends waiting to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge to person Heidi
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Aww, I'm sorry Natalie.
RIP sweet Heidi
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RIP sweet angel, may you never again suffer.
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I'm so sorry. May Heidi rst in peace and run and play happy and healthy over the Rainbow Bridge.
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Sweet Heidi has some special kitties to take care of her now

and some for you, Heidi (the person) and everyone who does such wonderful work, you are all angels too
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I am sending hugs and prayers to Heidi (the person), and to sweet little Heidi (the kitty), you are now healthy and happily playing over at the bridge.

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RIP Heidi
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Oh no! I'm so sorry about little Heidi and your friend's kitty Halle! May they find eachother over the rainbow bridge and play happily together.

I don't understand why there seem to be SO many black kitties in the shelters compared to other colors. They are my absolute favorite and I would take them all home if I could.

Rest in Peace little ones.
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RIP sweet Heidi
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Rest peacefully, little Heidi!
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I just feel so awful for Heidi(person). She was all set to take a black kitten as well as a black adult from us....& now we don't think she can do it. This little black boy looks so much like Heidi(kitten)...eye color the same, same build...
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ohmy how heartbreaking

RIP Heidi - run free
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This is so sad, the poor baby

RIP sweet Heidi

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