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Help for Persians and Siamese in CA, USA

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I hope this is posted in the correct area of the forums, if not please move, and to those on different cat areas, permission has been given to crosspost, and the more people are informed, the better for the Persians and Siamese.
So sad. Thank you.

I have just been informed about an URGENT situation we are being
asked to handle in Orange County, CA - somewhere between 50 and 100
purebred Persian and Siamese cats and kittens abandoned in an outdoor
enclosed yard and in a house by their breeder, who reportedly was
evicted. The shelter will have to take the cats in if we can't take
them. I've got a call in to PetsMart to see about a grant since we
certainly do not have the capital available right now that this
situation would need... actually we have NO capital available.
Estimated cost of this rescue = $6000 without a PetsMart grant. If
PetsMart provides a grant for the vet costs, this rescue will
probably cost $2000-2500 to board these cats at Cat House on the
Kings while we gradually move them from there to our affiliates and
other approved rescues. The cost could be more if they all have
ringworm since we'll need to treat them while they are boarding.

I know we had declared a moratorium on new admissions, but in the
land of the Animal Rights agenda, when animal control or a shelter
calls us about a breeder situation, I don't think we have an
alternative but to try to put something together...... As to our
finances, we are still about $2000 short of our goal of solvency
(NOT counting this new situation) and we hadn't planned on doing
anything until we had that money available....sooooo if you can
stretch and help again, PLEASE do.

Thank you for listening..... If you wish to donate to our rescue efforts:

To donate by Paypal: Just go to http://purebredcats.org and click on
the donate button you will see near the top of the page.

To donate by check, make the check payable to "Purebred Cat Breed
Rescue" or "CFA Purebred Rescue" and send it to:

Purebred Cat Breed Rescue
c/o Leslie Faltiesek, Treasurer
1406 Triple S Trail
Johnson City, TX 78636

Please do NOT send the check to CFA, as you may put your ability to
claim it as a tax deduction at risk if you do so.


Linda Pollack Mercer, M.D.
President & Rescue Coordinator
CFA Purebred Rescue, Inc., http://cfapurebredrescue.org (501c3)
D/B/A Purebred Cat Breed Rescue, http://PurebredCats.org
Member, TICA Rescue Committee
Director, Operation Noble Foster, http://www.OperationNobleFoster.org
Moderator & Owner, The Persian Rescue Email list:
Phone (rescue emergencies only please): (888) 303-9454 [toll free]
Email: <rescue@purebredcats.org>(@purebredcats.org)

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I posted same!!! If the mods could delete mine then there wont be double posting!

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We must be on a couple of the same lists and groups. I hope they find many willing homes, and enough people see the message and spread the word help find the kitties good homes.
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