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How to know for sure it's a URI

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When Jordan got sick last summer it was obvious, he wouldn't eat, was lethargic & was drooling. I noticed Levi has been sneezing tonight, but I'm not sure if it's the start of a URI or if his nose is just irriated. So my question is when do you know the sneezing is a URI? He has no other symptoms, I guess I could take his temp, but I don't think he's got a fever. Obviously, If i knew it was a URI he'd be at the vet first thing tomorrow, but I don't want him to be on meds he doesn't need. I did give him some L-Lysine just incase.
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Probably the same as you would with a human. Keep an eye on your cat to see if it gets any worse or there's any more symptoms that turn up. Maybe you could try to listen to him breath and his lungs, if you hear congestion.
My cat Sho had a horrible URI as a kitten and because of it has some sinus damage he sneezes a bit now and then. The days he sneezes the worst are usually days I'm sneezing too so I figure it's probably something in the house.

Could your Levi get into something that would cause sneezing? A dusty spot maybe? Do you use scented stuff? Too much of that can be rather irritating to the nose.
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I can't think of anything he got into, but he seemed fine this morning. I didn't hear him sneeze at all. I'll probably give him another lysine tablet tonight just to be sure. I know that can really help boost their immune system.
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Lots of get will wishes for Jordan. Keep us posted.
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a good rule of thumb is when ever you are concerned, ring your vet up or better yet, bring your kitty in.
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I think I'll be making a call this afternoon, he is still doing a little sneezing.
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If a cat is sneezing regularly then its a URI. There is no other reasonable cause.
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I just called & left a message with one of the vets now I have to wait to hear back. (as I posted in the premium forum. The vet in that clinic I was taking them to moved to Maryland & I'm very sad )
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