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Some thumbnail pictures of my Tuffy,, RIP little guy,,,

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Here are some pictures of Tuffy I had saved. I am so glad I took and saved so many pictures of him. I have something to remember him with. RIP little Tuffy, I miss you.

click on pictures to make them bigger, sorry for so many pictures at one time. These are all from the short time he was feeling pretty good.

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I'm sorry Tom. Thanks for sharing your pics of Tuffy, he's a very handsome boy.
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Aw! RIP sweet Tuffy.

He was such a handsome fellow.
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When I started to post the pictures I didn't want to make it a sad topic, I meant to just post some nice pictures of Tuffy I found, I have probably posted most of these before at different times. But after I started to do this I kinda broke down again thinking about the good time I had with Tuffy if they were only for a short time.

Yes it was hard work to take care of him when I first brought him home because he was so sick and run down but I never had the feeling he wouldn't make it. But after he started to poop so much blood and they could not stop it or figure out why was when I started to wonder if this was going to get bad and it wasn't to long before it did and started to dread the day he would be gone.

Would I do it all over again? I would do it in a minute, yes it was hard and expensive, but Tuffy came into my life and in all probability lived for a year or so longer than he would have if I wouldn't have tried to help him, I found this web site because of him, because I needed help and information about cats, He made me a better person I think, plus I learned so much about cats health that I am much better at taking care of our other cats and being able to sense when they are sick. Because of this site someone I don't even know made me decals of Tuffy to put on my pulling tractor I named after Tuffy.

I got Cozmo in many ways because of having Tuffy, maybe not for all the right reasons at first, and I got upset because Cozmo is different than Tuffy, but in the long run by getting like that and posting how I was feeling on here about it and getting honest opinions back for the dumb things I said I have a totally different view on who Cozmo is, who knows maybe Cozmo felt that my heart was still with Tuffy and that is why he got distant from me, but now that I really am loving Cozmo for Cozmo and not a Tuffy replacement he is coming back to me, just little things like Cozmo curling up on the bed with his head on my arm this afternoon and we both took our naps together made me so happy. I am crying just thinking about it now,

I think when its all said and done Cozmo will be as special as Tuffy was to me if I just open my eyes and heart and let him.
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very nice pics
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Awww, Tuffy
Those are wonderful pictures
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Sweet Tuffy

And don't be so silly Love little Cozmo for who he is, not who Tuffy was!!! I'm glad you're dealing with him not being "Tuffy II".
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Aww what a sweet liitle guy he is,He looks like he loves going out on his leash.
He is soooo handsome I love the stripes he has on his tail
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what a cutie tuffy was, and u are right u do have all the pictures and memories

R.I.P Tuffy
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He did great with the harness and leash from the first time I put them on him. He did well at anything he had to go through, from taking crappy meds to all the stuff he went through with his vet and the hospital trying to find out what was wrong with him. It was like he understood all this was all of us trying to help him get better.
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