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new kitten - finally

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(I posted a few weeks ago)We finally brought home our kitten. We collected him on Friday night, because we have a long weekend and thought it would give him a bit more time to settle in and get used to us.

He is very, very affectionate to the point of crying when I leave the room - I think I inadvetently encouraged that because at first, I would go straight back to him and pick him up. (That got a bit exhausting). He's doing better now, and doesn't seem to be searching for his mother/littermates like he was at first.

I'm a bit worried about how he'll be when we're at work all day, but the past couple of days, he's slept most of the time anyway.

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Congrats to your new addition! You can never spoil them enough. They just get more and more loveable.
Lets see when mine were we ones and still to this day we have music on. I let them have something that smells like me with them. A favorite cuddle. And when home I smother them with cuddles.
You will like it here, good people are just a email away.

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Congrats on the new baby! He sounds like a real doll.
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So what did you name the little guy?
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Thanks for the warm welcome!!

It's been a bit crazy around here so I haven't had a chance to reply until now (also, I think our hard drive is on the verge of dying so I tend to avoid the computer at home).

We named our baby Nik (Nikolai) but he gets a million other pet names as well.

He's settled down incredibly - Patty, thanks for the tips - he loves to have the radio on, I think the cattery where he was born they had music all day as well, so he finds it familiar.

He is just such a lovely natured cat! He sits on my husband's shoulder for close snuggles, which is really cute.

He is a delight to know, and we are really enjoying having a cat again.

I have pictures to post as soon as work out how to do it!


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A big welcome to you and Nik. What kind and color is he? Arn't shoulder sitters wonderful?

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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Your new baby sounds like a real cutey
We got Orion back in May and we're getting another one soon.
Very exciting isn't it!
I love it when they're really smoochy
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