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Bringing home a new kitty with alot of problems

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I rescued a cat from a local rescue organization last August. A beautiful Manx/Himilayan mix, which was in perfect health, a very hearty cat. I was working at least ten hours a day and felt bad about leaving him home alone for so long, so in December... I went to a pet store, not committed to getting a new kitten, but they had a tiny black Manx kitten that I fell in love with and had to rescue from this pet store. She did not have papers, but had her shot records from the breeder. She also had a cold, or what I was told a cold and was offered a free visit to their vet (operative word being THEIR). I was lied to and told she was in perfect health.
To make this already long story shorter--they have both been through intestinal parasites, infections, countless numbers of prescription, about $1,000 in vet bills and just yesterday my older cat was diagnosed with feline herpes, most likely contracted through the kitten. I can't help but feel responsible for my older cats ailments, but at the same time it is the responsiblity of breeders to ensure healthy kittens. Obviously I was the victim of a unscrupulous breeder and pet store owner. I want to warn others to please be careful when buying pets from pet stores and take them to your own vet, not the one they offer as a free bonus incentive.
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I felt very sad when I read your story, and even madder that a vet would not be honest with you. You would think that these people go into the field for the love of animals. I guess my view of the world is still a little jaded.
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Yes, this is a very bad problem not only with cats but with dogs. Anytime you buy a kitten or puppy from a pet store, you are helping to support puppy/kitten mills. 99% of animals that come from pet stores are ill, unsocialized and at risk for having health problems for life. I too learned the hard way years ago. When I bring a new cat home, they get put in a seperate room for a few weeks and go to my vet before they get to come out. This way I can still help the less fortunate kitty's.
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I feel for you. We started out with 4 cats. One manx mix, 2 purebred manx from a non-registered breeder, and one bobtail mix. One snowy night that I can still remember, one by one, they came down with the worst case of herpes I have ever seen. My husband and I didn't even know what it was. Nor did we know where it came from. One of the pure manx was the carrier. That tiny tiny little lesion in the corner of his eye was the clue. He was the only one who didn't get the virus (as he was the carrier so showed no symptoms). We spent close to $7,000 with eye surgeries to help the ulcers, and we even put them on an AIDS drug. Gave injections at home, etc. etc. etc. Two are buried (one died at 2 years after giving all that he had), got rid of the one who carried the herpes and was nasty, and have one left who is now blind from the herpes. After much research on this, it seems the manx breed is indeed more apt to contract herpes, and we sure don't know why. We pray for you to be strong and try every alternative there is to boost their immune systems.

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I am so sorry for both of you and your cats. These are devastating stories. In Israel you don't see many pet stores that have cats and dogs for sale anymore. That is a terrible practice that should be stopped.

I would strongly recommend consulting a lawyer about a possible law suite. At the very least you should get back the money you paid for. The main thing that I hope this will acheive is deter the store from selling cats and dogs there and from dealing with puppy/kitten mills.
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