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What about skunks?

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I just saw a talking skunk ad on TV. Why not, everything else talks but it reminded me when I was a kid it was a fad to deodorize skunks and keep them as cat like pets. I never hear of this anymore, does anybody here have a skunk as a pet?
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I also remember this.They always sold them in hunting magazines you could mail order them!.When I was a kid many years ago. in the early 60s a lady down the road from me had one. I wanted one sooooo bad. My grandfather was always saying he would get me one. I never did get one!. But I never hear of this anymore.
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I have been wanting a skunk for a long time! They are just so cute.
They are supposed to be similar in personality and disposition as ferrets. Though I don't know if they get along or not?

I have looked on the net about pet skunks and you can only get them from breeders and the waiting lists are long because skunks have one breeding season a year.
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Personally I'd rather have a raccoon over a skunk I got to bottle feed some baby raccoons (my cousin was a wildlife rehabilitator). They hold the bottle in their hands like a baby and actually purr like a kitten
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I've always thought a pet skunk would be neat. Especially an albino one.

But yes, you have to buy from a breeder, you have apply for permits in most states before you even buy the skunk. If there's not a breeder in the same state as you, you have to go through the proper route to import it to your state, etc.
There are sites that list each state's laws for skunks and racoons (which have the same restrictions). Some states don't even allow them to be kept as pets at all.

Years ago when I had an indoor/outdoor fluffy black and white kitty I would sometimes feed her and another cat of ours outside by the backdoor. Well I seen black and white and didn't think anything of it. Only after I had shut the screen door and turned around did I realize that wasn't my kitty I fed.
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I knew a guy once that had a skunk named Merling, but I never got to see it, I just heard him talk about it a lot.

I have wanted one for a while, but wasn't sure if it was something I'd want to get into. I have experience with cats and ferrets (which they are related to weasles), but am not sure if it'd be wise. I think I'll stick with cats and ferrets for now, maybe when I get a house someday I can try a skunk. I'll let you know how it works out, LOL.
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A pet skunk, would be awesome!!

I would settle for a ferret though
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