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I am utterly furious and ready to open a can of whoop-arse.

I went to a party last night and found out at the house there was a litter of 4 kittens and naturally I just had to look... They were absolutely adorable and the mother kitty looked healthy and the kittens looked it but when I picked them up, I could feel their ribs far too easily and they were acting very timid and scared. I put it down to the noise at the time but I'm not so sure now because I've seen other litter of kittens where the mum kitty has been a well loved pet and they didn't act like this....I dunno...

But what absolutely angered me was that the person responsible kept them all in the confines of an extremely small laundry with little ventilation. There is only one window open and that is only small. There was no kitty litter available. There was only dry food and some water available. I was initially told the kittens were two weeks and then four weeks when I told the owner in no uncertain terms that the kittens were to be taken away from the mother until 12 weeks.

And when I mentioned fresh air....oooo....this bit I could have strangled him right then and there........he only lets them out for one hour each day.....the laundry is stuffy at best and it smells musty and it wouldn't take the late Einstein to work out that the kitties just go on the floor or in the case of mum, if she manages to get out via the window...outside. And that infuriates me further........there is a large feral cat problem where I am and a larger feral dog problem.

I'm going to call the RSPCA on Monday as today I'll be getting ALL the details of the owner. I am not happy at all. I would quite happily take them in but I have no history of worming or vacciantions of the kitties and Russell is just getting over diarrhea. And I really don't have the room to separate the mum-kitty and litter from Russell and it's not fair to stress out the kittens anymore.

I could kill the owner!
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That's horrible! You're an for caring about the mom and kits. Hopefully, the RSPCA can find a safe, healthy and loving home for them somewhere else.
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You go girl! Bust some chops! Give'em one for me too!
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I absolutely agree with Christy and Barb. What an . Thank you so much for helping this poor family. They need care until mum can be spayed after her kittens are weaned! Our hearts reach out to you. Thank you for caring, and most importantly, DOing something!

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Mags, I would have been angry too!! You are definetely doing the right thing by contacting someone about this!!! I hope they will do something to help these kittens!!! Thanks so much for caring about them and for trying to help them! You are such a good person!!!!!!
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I haven't gottan all the details yet....I'm so irritated about this....but the person we tried to get them off was recovering from a hangover for the better part of the day..........argh!!!!
Anyway I should have them tonight and will be contacting RSPCA ASAP....hopefully there's a 24 hour contact line or something. I've never had to do this before and I never hoped that I would have to. I'm worried and angry at the same time...
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That's terrible and I agree with the others here. I'm really glad you're doing something about it!!! Please post an update and let us know what happens to this little family!

Just a short story with a happy ending:
My sister once found herself in a similiar situation. She and a friend went to a party at another friend's house. This friend had an adorable white kitten but the poor little kitty was drinking beer too and was really drunk. My sister noticed this person didn't seem to care about the kitten at all so she asked if she could have it and was told yes. My sister immediately took the kitten away from that horrible situation and gave it a much better home. End of story!!!
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Good luck with reporting these furbabies Mags. Kudos to you for caring enough to do something about their awful situation. Please keep us posted.
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