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A Friend In Need...

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We have a friend who has been married for almost as long as we have. Shortly before my friend (I'll call him BD) got married, he found out that his former girlfriend (LO) was carrying his child. LO told BD that if he wasn't going to marry her, then she didn't want him involved with the child at all, ever. Well so it was said and so it was done.

Fast forward to 2006. BD is being sued for back child support...over $54,000.00 worth! Apparently, there was a hearing held...none of which BD knew anything about nore was he suppoenaed to attend...yet they claim they tried to find him...even went as far as posting a notice in the newspaper where they live...not even knowing if he lived in that area after all these years. Anyway, it is not LO who is suing BD...but the child...who is now in her mid 20's. They have arranged to take a certain amount from BD's paychecks until the $54,000 is paid up!

Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge about stuff like this? I mean, there was never a blood test or DNA or any sort of paternity tests done to prove that this was BD's child. LO just said he wasn't to be involved with them and that was it...that was the last he ever knew anything about the child.

Any ideas or advice will be appreciated...I will pass them on to BD.

Gracias y'all...
Hilda >^..^<
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He needs a GOOOD laywer ... to start a DNA test and set aside the judgement as HE WASNT notified
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I forgot to mention that over the years some of BD's family have seen LO & the child in question at local areas, like grocery stores & such. Whenever LO spots the family member, she quickly has rushed the child away so that none of them see her. I guess she meant that not only BD should stay away but also all of the family.

Yep, I agree, he needs to get himself some goooood representation...at last report, they've just takent the first payment out of his current paycheck.

Hilda >^..^<
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How dicey is that? They could find him to collect, but not to inform him of the case pending?
ANd it seems super bizarre that there could be a back child-support order made, when there was never an initial child-support order made that was refuted.....yikes
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Yep, my feelings exactly. Its all very strange.

Oh something else I remembered. We found out through a mutual acquaintance that LO had told this child all the time she was growing up that her biological dad (BD) was dead. Can you imagine this? Dead. So this child never knew about him...I have no idea how she found out that he is alive.

Another facet to all this is that LO married and her husband raised the child as his own...however. There has been a rumour that he not only supported her but also molested her probably several times. This is so sad really. The story goes that he died in the last year I guess and now I'm wondering if maybe she has no one to provide for her financially so now she is seeking out BD.

Very tangled.
Hilda >^..^<
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
He needs a GOOOD laywer ... to start a DNA test and set aside the judgement as HE WASNT notified
and then pack up and leave the state.
That what a friend of mine had to do, in almost the spot. Expect he was never told about the kid. Ohio after the dna test said dont care, we want the money.

Well my friend had worked as sale guy at a music store, did not have that kind of money. They started tell him come up with some cash or go to jail. So he ran.
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I think your friend needs to get a good lawyer and fast, I am not sure how they can be collecting child support with out knowing if it is indeed his child.

Please keep us updated on this situation.
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I don't understand that if they tried to contact him and were unsuccessful then how did they find out were he is employed so they could garnish the monies?

If he got a refund on his taxes have they taken that?

He really needs a good lawyer.

I thought that paternity/DNA needed to be proven before a judge could rule to garnish back child support or even to start a child support order, but then stranger things have happened.

Again, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer and one that specializes in family law.
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Thanks everyone, yeah its truly puzzling how they can get away with this.

I told my hubby if its that easy...'well I'm gonna find me a rich guy and tell them these kids (Naomi & Alex Jr) are his kids and get lots of money from him!' I mean that makes about as much sense as what is happening to BD.

As far as finding him the first time, I don't see how they can say that they looked very hard...cuz they sure managed to find him just fine this time...and even know where he works and all in order to start taking out of his paycheck!

One thing I've heard is that LO ''knows'' someone over there...like an attorney or someone in the Attorney General's office over there...and like the old saying goes 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours'...something fishy seems to be going on if you ask me there's alot of mutual scratching going on.

Hilda >^..^<
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Just tell your friend we all said to get a lawyer and to get one NOW.
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