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Cat's dry eyes and using expired ointment

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My vet prescribed Lubrithal for my cat, who's 5 years old, shortly after she had surgery to correct a condition called entropion about a year and a half ago. She said the ointment should be used just to lubricate my kitty's eyes. There's no steroids contained in this ointment. It's just meant to help dry eyes in dogs and cats.

Anyways, I've noticed lately that my cat has more gunk in her eyes and so I wanted to use this ointment just to soothe her eyes and create more moisture around there. Problem is that the ointment expired May 2006. Do you think it's okay to still use this? Thanks!
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I don't know for sure if it would be safe. I know for humans it is not recomended to use expired medication. The strength and chemicals can change once it has expired. Plus I would be more worried that because it is used in the eye it could have horable results.
The best thing I can say is to call the vet and ask them. If it is okay with the then go ahead. If not see if you can get more.

Ask yourself if you would be willing to put old eye cream in your eye.
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In this case I would say no. For most meds, it's fine to use it up to 6 months after the expiration date, but for eye meds that have been opened there is a risk of bacterial contamination. I'd say toss it.
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The expiration dates on meds are set by the manufacturer and indicate the point at which the effectiveness of the meds is no longer guaranteed. I've heard that most drug companies are okay with meds being given in the calendar month after the expiration date. But I've never been able to get that in writing.
In nursing school we were taught not to go past the date, for any reason. Mainly as protection in the event of a lawsuit. Six months after expiration is way too long, IMO.
Eye drops and medications should be used within 3 months of opening or up to the expiration date, whichever comes first. There are some limitations on the amount and type of preservatives that can be used in them, so they are easily contaminated. This includes contact solutions.
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