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Nekkid Tummy!

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OK, so Molly's tummy is still naked from being spayed. It's just so darn cute! She's really getting more bold in the house...so here's some more pics of her!

Rolling about...

Sunbeam kitty...


What was that flashy thing?

There is goes again!!

Rolling around again...

Contented Kitty....
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Awww, she's so cute!!
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so cute are those pics. The tummy's on sugar and spice are filling in nicely. Cannot wait to see more pics.
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Aww look at that pink tummy! I wanna blow rasperries!!
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Ooooooh Molly your just so cute and you know it! I could blow a big but gentle raspberry on that gorgeous tummy!!
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What a little cutie
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That is one happy kitty there!
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That is one sweet belly!! I wanna rub it
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look at that belly and what a cutie
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I love belly pics, and their bellies are always so warm
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