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flower season

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I went to Lowe's last night & bought a small Mum container & a purple daisy container & planted them next to the garage this morning. I also bought some trailing purple flowers & planted them in with my big Queen Palm tree ......
The mums & daisy said they need full sun on the sticker, but the place I planted them at, only get full sun til 12pm or so, then again around 4:00p til dar.... They should be ok shouldn't they?
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Don't know about the Mums, but growing up we had Daisies planted on the shady side of the house - they did just great! Sounds like lots of sun - I think they'll be just fine.

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Full sun is six to eight hours or longer... In fact, it may be perferable to have some shade at midday. I think they'll be fine.
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I would like to take a plant in to sit on my desk @ work. What is a nice looking plant?
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Peace Lilies do well in low light / artificial light. They have glossy green leaves, and eventually a small white flower. If you just want easy to grow greenery, this is a good option.

However, they are not kind to cats, so don't grow them at home.
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I am so jealous! I wish we could grow flowers year round. I hope they do well for you, though!
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Are peace lillies only sold @ Easter or are they sold year round? They sound really pretty! I would only keep it at work.
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They are not the lilies we see at Easter. and the flowers are not nearly as big and showy. However, I like the shape and colour of the leaves. You should be able to find them pretty easily. Here in Ontario, we can get them at the garden centre.

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My mums that we planted last year just bloomed. I have been watching them for the last month and I couldn't wait for them to bloom.
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Do they die off during the summer, then re-bloom during the fall/winter? I've never planted them before til the other day.
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It depends a bit on your winter - if you get hard frost.

Mums will flower, and, as most flowers, they go into a period of dormancy. Once they have regenerated (established new roots), they send up new shoots and branches, and then flower. In really cold climates, the existing branches all die back during the winter, new plants grow during the spring and summer with just greenery, then they flower in the fall.

If you do see flower buds in the spring or early summer, you should pinch them back - and the plant will grow even fuller, the flowers will appear again later in the year.

You should check local growers - your mums may not die back with the weather, and it may be necessary to cut them back to allow for the dormancy period to produce healthy new plants. One thing to be aware of, though, some mums are "forced" - they are produced to flower profusely one season, and then it is difficult to get that same show of flowers again - in our area at least, people just put them in for fall colour, and then treat them like annuals - just putting in new plants every fall.
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Tigger, I am so jealous of you! I only have to LOOK at a plant to have it wilt and die! Oh well, at least my furbabies thrive on my attention!
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